Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Waterton, Househunting & Other Activities

When we weren't off partying in Utah at Vivintcon, the rest of October was spent partying at home.

Watching General Conference!

We had our Vivint Charity Days and Awards night in Lethbridge this year.

I was so proud of Garth as he was presented with the Harbaugh Award. They only give out one of these awards to one person per region who has shown exceptional work ethic and attitude. I wasn't surprised at all when they called his name because I had seen the crazy amount of work he put in last year, both in New Zealand and back at home. He is also the most positive person I have ever met, which really helps me in my life so I can only imagine it has impacted those he works with as well. I am so proud of him, and so glad he was recognized for his efforts this year!

Asher moved into his "big kid" carseat!

This is how every storytime goes, as you could imagine.

I love my little dudes and all their little habits and quirks.

Grant was loving all the one on one time with his Daddy

We took the boys to see their first movie! It was Inside Out, and Grant loved it as much as he loved the popcorn, which was a lot!

Someday I am going to do a collage of all the random situations that Grant manages to fall asleep in, it happens all the time and I have to take a picture every time because he is just the cutest little sleeper!

We did a good job of catching up on all the movies we wanted to see this month! Here we are at The Intern.

We hadn't been to Waterton since the summer we were Engaged so over 4 years ago!! So we decided it was time to make the trip now that we were back in SOAB.

Apparently Neil and Michelle had the same idea because we ran into their family while we were there!

Grant loves throwing rocks into the water. He ended up running in and getting all his clothes soaked so he had to sit around in his diaper for the rest of the day haha. He also managed to leave Floppy so we had to go out and get a new one ( now his third) because he wouldn't stop asking "Where's Floppy?" 

And the most exciting news of all this month.... we bought a house! We have been looking at show homes for years, writing down things we liked/disliked so by the time we were ready, it only took us one day of house hunting to find "the one."

As soon as I walked in I knew I liked it better than any house I had seen. I loved the dark wood and cupboards, the big windows in the living room and Master bedroom. It ticked off every checkbox on my need list and 99% of my want list! There is upstairs laundry which is amazing and our ensuite just for us (no bath toys!!). The only thing it is missing is a walk in closet. Luckily the room is big so Garth said he would get my a ballin' wardrobe to make up for that haha.

Garth and I were both set on purchasing a new house and I am so glad we did. There is just something about moving into a house that is brand new and has only been yours that makes all the difference. The amazing new house smell, the brand new beautiful appliances/light fixtures and the fact that it was move-in ready was just such a bonus!

The process was really smooth, they accepted our offer and we set the possession date for the next month, just enough time to give our landlord 1 month's notice! 

Such a whirlwind of excitement!


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