Wednesday, 23 March 2016


January 2nd we got to go to the Calgary Temple, as my cousin Jocelyn was going through for her first time. Such a neat experience! That night we headed to Carleen and Dawson's wedding reception. 

The four of us pretty much grew up together, we met when I was 8, and we were also roommates in University. Carleen was such a gorgeous bride and it was definitely the most fun reception I had been to in a while.

We also got to go to the Cardston temple this month and Tyson tagged along. This is us trying to get a picture in the Southern Alberta wind.

We had a late Christmas celebration with Rex and Bet because we were in Calgary from Christmas to January 3rd.

Asher started walking 2 weeks after his birthday, but decided he liked crawling a lot more. A little bit later on he finally decided to try again and has gotten steadier and steadier.

All my boys wearing their new sweaters!

Garth got some sweet shots of the sky this month.

The boys started their swimming lessons! Grant has always loved the water so his lessons are going great. Asher was in the middle of teething so he cried so much the first lesson we had to leave early, but it got better and better and he such a good little splasher!


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