Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Post-Season, Saying Goodbye to Airdrie

Because we just couldn't get enough of selling (haha), we decided to stick around Calgary for September post-season.

September weather was way nicer than August. Although it sucked that my grandparents closed the pool down, we found other ways to entertain ourselves,

Like the zoo, we've never been there before.....

Asher's hair was getting a little mangy so we decided to give him his first haircut. He didn't love it, but didn't hate.

Northern Lights!

Okay so one day Garth got off work early so we decided to go downtown and explore. It was super eerie because we literally saw like 1 person the whole time. It was like Downtown Calgary was completely abandoned. So weird! But we took lots of cool pics that night!

They were holding hands!!! 

Garth made a goal for himself to sell 15 during post-season. I learned that the post-season schedule is a lot different than summer (this was our first time). They start knocking way later than usual, which I was okay with some extra time together after a crazy summer, but which also meant they had less hours to knock. He ended up surpassing his goal and it was probably 100% because of my cool incentive chart... haha

As he made a sale, he could flip over the number, Sometimes it would be a note, sometimes it would be a clue to finding a special prize (ex, 5 cent candies, a new alkaline trio touque, roots sweatpants...)

Exploring on the way back from getting our family pictures done! Autumn is my favorite season, it is so pretty!

One of my favorite ladies ever who made this summer so much fun!

Realizing we only have a couple more days left until we have unlimited time together!

Unfortunately, I signed up for a year membership with Goodlife and the one in Lethbridge is "Women Only." Working out together every morning was what kept me sane, and I was really really sad to stop.

Our final Costa Vida lunch in Airdrie before the move... Grant;s face says it all.

Saying goodbye to our cute little "summer home."

Once post-season ended and we packed up once again to move back to Lethbridge, this was the first summer that I wasn't excited to go back. We were moving back into our old rental because it magically opened up for us and while we knew we wanted to buy a house, we hadn't been able to start looking. We knew we weren't going to be there long so another move (knowing that it would be shortlived) felt so pointless. I ended up unpacking only the essentials and we began our house hunt.

We were pretty excited to unpack our couch though, I missed it haha

Back again for the 3rd time (He looks so grown up...)


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