Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Mumford & Sons, Elbow Falls & More Summer Fun!

August came with a change in weather, although our schedule sure stayed the same. Lots and lots of pool days, food truck lunches, zoo days and park days!

I had the privilege of going to the Mumford & Sons concert with my BFF Jaymee. The concert was pure magic and we (by we I mean Jaymee) got into a fight with the guy behind us. Gold. Epic Gold.

Sundays are always our family exploration days, so once church ended we  packed a lunch and went to Elbow Falls. It was gorgeous!

One of the perks of being in your hometown is having babysitters haha so we made sure to go on dates as often as we could. Even though he would get home at 10, those 2 hours out together were precious!

Working away!

Garth bough a new Suit and looks totally amazing in it, it drives me crazy!

Globalfest fireworks. From the parking lot across the street. With the kids asleep in the backseat. We know how to party!

Asher's first time sitting up in the shopping cart!

Garth and I out on our 4 year anniversary dinner date!

Once the summer ended, Garth had a couple days off before post-season started. We spent a full day at Calaway Park and then went out for Chinese Food at Bill's. Literally a perfect day, one for the books!

We took a couple of those days off to go back to Lethbridge. Garth and all his family were getting together to re-shingle their parents roof, i missed out on all that action because I was to busy witnessing this cousin cuteness.

On the way back to Calgary! Lots of singing and dancing in the backseat. (Dear Valentine.....)

Grant and Asher loved all the time they spent with Aunt Jaymee at the pool and at the Science Center!

We also got to spend a lot of time with Charlie. They are so lucky that they have each other and I know they will realize that one day too! They are actually so freaking cute.

Okay so that was ridiculously long. Apparently we jam pack a lot of fun into 1 month. 


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