Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Dominican Republic 2015

Garth and I were so lucky at the beginning of December to go to the Dominican Republic! Vivint set a selling incentive and if you reached it then they paid for your trip! They rented out a part of the 5 star resort just for Vivint and it was amazing!

After being so crazy busy from December 26, 2014 to December 1, 2015, (having a baby, New Zealand, Summer Selling, Post-Season, Moving into our rental, moving out of our rental and into our new house...) we really really so desperately needed this time together.

We spent a lot of time on the beach, it was so hot, like 30 degrees everyday. I loved to sit out and read (I finished two books, which was so nice), swim in the ocean, go for walks, go kayaking and we even checked Parasailing off my list! It was definitely one of my favorite parts of the whole trip, even getting seasick on the extremely long boat ride couldn't ruin it for us. The water looks so beautiful from above, so many different shades of blue like a water color painting.

They had a fun Vivint challenge on the beach where a couple would have to get a coconut from between their knees to their lips without touching it with their hands. We managed to figure it out and it was super fun!

We also did a lot of walking around our beautiful resort and taking in all the different beauty you don't see back home!

We most definitely took advantage of the all inclusive drinks, we drank virgin strawberry daquiries, coco locos, choco locos, pina colodas, miami vice's on the beach, in the pool, in the restaurants, at the bar... nonstop! 

There was always coconuts falling of the trees and the guys would cut them open and give them to you to drink!

The pool was so beautiful and so much fun. There was a swim up bar and a volleyball net so we would play lots of games. One time we were in the middle of a game with a bunch of people when there was a torrential downpour. That was my first time experiencing TRULY warm rain and it was amazing, we kept playing even though we could barely see.

Night time was so relaxing. We would finish of a day in the sun, saltwater and sand, go get cleaned up and head out to dinner around 8. We would try and eat at a different restaurant each night and the food was outstanding! The entertainment was absolutely brutal so after dinner we would walk around the resort checking out different things, cuddle outside in those big beds and then we would all hangout in the lounge and play Mofia. We made some really great friends from this trip and it was so fun getting to know them!

My favorite part about the evenings though was running around the beach with Garth at night.

There is just something so romantic about being in a tropical place. There are no schedules, no errands to run, just time to spend together. I was in absolute heaven!

By the last day, we were definitely satisfied and dying to get home to our kids!

We made a short video of our trip that you can watch here: Video


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