Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Edmonton New Years!

We wanted to do something cool and different for New Years this year so we decided to head to West Edmonton Mall for a 3 day family trip with all my family plus Jocelyn and Erica!

It was the best idea because we had one of the most fun New Years I have ever had. We spent hours and hours every night playing Werewolf in our hotel rooms at night while listening to creepy music. We did a bit of shopping and we even planned and filmed a music video parody which turned out way better than any of us imagined it would. You can watch it HERE.

We spent a whole day at the Water park. Grant was soooo funny when the waves came on. His face just lit up and he would laugh hysterically everytime a wave hit us, it was seriously the best and I loved how much he loved the water slides. Asher loved splashing in the warm kiddy pool and hanging out with everyone.

That night Asher was being so insanely funny I didn't want to put him to bed! I couldn't stop laughing at him running and rolling around the bed, giggling and talking like a mad man.

We also spent an afternoon at Galaxy Land so Grant could go on some rides!

Thumbs up!

It is tradition in my family that every New Years Eve we go out for Japanese food. We have done it for as long as I remember and I havn't been able to do it for the past couple years so it was so nice.

We went back to the hotel room, played games, danced a lot, filmed scenes for our music video and rang in the New Year!

I couldn't believe that we managed to jam pack everything that we did in those 3 days and it was definetely a trip to remember with some of my favorite people ever!


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