Wednesday, 23 March 2016


October 8th, we flew down to Utah for a Vivint-filled weekend!

We went to In-n-out Burger once...or twice... or three times... I can't remember.

So we all had the opportunity to go to Utah Olympic Park and see where the athletes trained for the Olympics. Pretty cool right? But that's not all, those who wanted to got on some skies and got to go down and jump off into the water. I felt it would be stupid of me to try, considering my incident in the summer, but Garth went down and didn't even wipeout, he did so good. While everybody did that, Kim and I went shopping!!

When they were training them (before they went on the bigger jump), the guy said that this isn't something they normally do, this is a sport, not for recreation. He then went on to tell them that one of them would get seriously hurt that day. Sure enough someone broke their leg...scary!

We also got to go to the Vivint Innovation Center and learn about all the cool things they are working on. This company is only going to grow bigger and better that's for sure!

Then we went to VivintCon. And guys it was CRAZY! I don't work for this company, but with the amount of pride and love I have for it, I sure feel like I do. The atmosphere was insane. It was held in Todd Petersen'S, The CEO's, private hangar with his private jet parked right outside. They revealed the new products coming out in 2016 and they are unreal. I am so excited to get a Vivint System!

The next morning there was a nice breakfast for the Vivint Manager's/Wives. The guys had meetings after so us girls hit up Nordstrom Rack and Target!

Afterwards we headed to VivintFest. It was basically just a Carnival for Vivint people, lots of rides and games with prizes. 

I did a terrible job of packing clothes for this trip because it was 30 degrees outside and I didn't pack any shorts/skirts. We spent a couple of hours dying outside in the hotsun and then when we were satisfied with our prizes and totally fried, we headed back to the hotel to sleep and drink away the heatstroke.

Once we were feeling a bit better we decided to go out to a nice dinner (I can't remember the restaurant but I want to go back...)

We then watched some fireworks and went to the movie Everest (which was quite the opposite extreme of what we experienced that day.)

The movie was incredibly intense and sad but really well done.

We got back to our hotel around 11 that night and Tyson's girlfriend, Kandas, who lives in Payson came over to meet us. We clicked right away. Like, I have literally never felt so comfortable so fast with another girl and she was not at all affected by my sleep deprived state, which if anyone knows me, is pretty insane. She left around 2 in the morning and then 6 am rolled around and we headed to the airport to catch a flight home to our babies. 

Vivint never dissapoints, It was a whirlwind of a weekend and so much freaking fun.


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