Monday, 17 October 2016

Our Calgary Summer (Part 3)

I mentioned in my last post that we had family come to visit for my Grandma's 80th Birthday. We were lucky enough to have my little cousins T..J. and Lydia stay in Canada with us for the rest of the summer. The boys loved them and they were just the sweetest kids. The last time I saw them, Lydia was a baby! 

Here are some highlights from our fun day with them at the zoo.

And because we can't get enough of that place, we spent more time there in the mornings with Dad. The boys always ask to go see the hippos, lions, gorillas, tigers and penguins.

Luckily we got to spend lots of time with the Martin family. I honestly love those kids so much and I love this picture that Kim took of them on Free Slurpee Day!

We got up bright and early to brave the Stampede parade crowds. While it was quite a feat getting our massive double stroller on the C-Train, the morning actually went so much smoother than I expected. The boys really enjoyed the parade until the loud tanks came in and scared Asher haha. They were such good boys and it was such a fun morning with their cousin Charlie.

We also went to the stampede on Kid's day and had the yummiest Pancake breakfast I've ever had. I think the boys would agree with me based on how many pancakes they both ate.

It is so much more fun going to Calaway as a foursome!

We finally convinced Grant to go on the Log ride. Grant's biggest pet peeve in the whole world is when his clothes are wet, so naturally the log ride was a good idea! This is how our conversation went:

Me: Did you have fun??
Grant: Yes it was fun... Went down a big clothes are wet... It splashed my shirt...I'm all wet.

I love watching Asher grow up. He is always happy and running around like a wild man exploring all of his surroundings. I love his constant excitement about every little thing.

Grant is just getting sweeter and sweeter. I love the little man he is turning into.

My grandparents opened up their pool once again for the summer so we pretty much lived there! It was our own little paradise that kept me going through those long summer days while Garth was gone. We would drop him off at work, drive across town (hopefully the boys would nap on the drive) and then we would spend all day at the pool. I would even bring their pjs most days so I could bathe them there and get them ready so they could fall asleep in the car and I wouldn't have to wake them up, just transfer them to their beds. Grant could live in the pool, he is my little fish. Asher usually gets in and repeats "All done, all done..." until I let him out. He would rather play inside with the toys, eat, hangout with G.G (Great Grandma) or play basketball. I will say though that he got better and better as the summer went on and is definitely getting used to the water.

Sometimes we would switch it up with some morning swims with dad.

We hit up the Somerset Spray Park with Grandma

I love these pictures because they show how sweet Grant has been to me lately. I can't ever get enough of holding his sweet little hand or his snuggles. They also show how Asher can't be bothered with either pictures or snuggles unless he is being forced into it haha, there is just way too much to see and do! 

I turned 26! This was the first birthday I was able to spend with Garth since we have been married because it happened to land on Sunday this year which was amazing! I had my favorites (chocolate chip pancakes and a smoothie) for breakfast in bed. I clearly had just woken up and my eyes were not adjusting to the brightness haha

After church we went for a walk and headed to my parents house where they had the yummiest japanese dinner and cheesecake awaiting me.

We went out for half-price appetizers one night after work and it was a nice surprise when Garth drove to the temple after. I love spending time on the temple grounds with my love. 

July has always been my favorite month because of my birthday, but the past couple years it is my favorite because of the Canola fields!! When I spot those first signs of yellow I get so giddy excited and we can't drive anywhere without stopping to take pictures. Like c'mon they are the prettiest ever!

Asher has been watching his brother and has decided he wants to go on the "froggy potty." I was definitely not ready to potty-train him but we have been putting him on it every morning and he always goes! He has started getting possessive of the potty because whenever Grant is on there, Asher will go up right in his face and say "You all done?? Grant? You all done??" Like, get off it's my turn haha.

The bond that these two boys have been developing has made the past ridiculously hard 18 months so worth it. We knew we wanted our first two kids to be close in age and I am so happy these boys are best friends and have so much love for each other. They always want to be with each other and when one is not around they are asking for each other. While Grant has been challenging me with his independence and strong-willed personality, one thing that I always know is that he loves Asher and will take care of him. I love seeing them play together, laugh together and talk to each other. Grant is always pointing things out to him and Asher takes it all in and loves to copy his big brother. 

Grant: "Asher, look at the buildings, they are so tall!"
Asher: "So tall!!"