Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Lessons I Have Learned

Here are just some of the many lessons I have learned from Garth over the past three years:

1. It is possible to fall deeply-head first-instantaneously in love with someone.

I know a lot of people thought we were crazy from the start! But I just couldn't help myself. I never thought I would go on vacation with my boyfriend's family after we had only been dating for a week. I never thought I would fantasize about marrying this guy that I had barely met. I never thought I would be engaged to the man of my dreams after only knowing him for 2 months. And I certainly never thought I would feel so comfortable and sure about everything as it all cascaded out of my control. Call it crazy, it really was. Crazy romantic.

2. Love is easy.

Well at least loving him is the easiest thing I have ever done.

3. Fighting is not romantic. 

Or necessary. Garth refuses to fight with me. Believe me, i've tried. I feel like I know so many couples (including myself in past dysfunctional relationships) who have spent their relationship breaking up and getting back together, and then breaking up and getting back together. Some people think that is romantic. Good for them, but in all seriousness, it's not.

4. You can do anything you want to in this life.

As cheesy as that sounds, before I met Garth I was stuck in university pursuing something I didn't actually want. I feel like he woke me up and helped me realize that what I want is actually worth pursuing. And now, instead of being in school to become an opera singer, or a music teacher, (while both admirable professions, they are just not for me) I am in the studio, about to release an album that I wrote and recorded. Oh and I'm a mom. So there goes two of my biggest dreams at once. My music is important, my music is good. Garth makes me feel like I can do anything, he makes me feel fearless.

5. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks about you.

I don't know why, but I have spent a good while doing things in my life that people think I should do. Garth has taught me not to waste my time with people who don't believe in you, or don't like you for whatever reason or who are just downright mean. If someone doesn't like me or my music or my sarcasm, or the fact that I wear a headband pretty much everyday, or that sometimes I wear leggings as pants. Who cares? I like all of it and I'm never going to stop until I want to. And that is okay.

6. Compliment people.

Garth is such a nice guy and is always the first one to tell someone they look great, or that he likes their hair/dress/shoes. Compliments are a dying art in today's world, and I love that he makes people feel good about themselves everyday.

7. You can have fun shopping with your husband.

Growing up with a father who would rather sleep in the van for 3 hours while all his girls shopped, I never expected to have a husband who would love shopping with me. He loves seeing me try on clothes, he knows all of my favorite stores, brands, even the makeup that I wear. He is very involved in every aspect of my life and I love that he cares. He will say things like "your wings look heavenly today"(Referring to my eyeliner) or "Your makeup looks so good, is that the Naked 2 palette?" My favorite happened a couple weeks ago when he got home from work and the first thing he said was "Did you do a facemask tonight, your skin is glowing!" It makes me smile to know he cares and pays so much attention to me. He knows I care about silly things like that so he takes the time to learn more about what I love.

8. It's okay to be needy sometimes

Over the past three years I have realized that every couple needs different things and functions differently. Some couples do everything together and have all the same interests while others are okay with going off and doing their own thing most of the time, they need alone time. Well, Garth and I have a hard time being away from each other. Ever since the day we met, we have had a tremendously hard time being separated. That is probably the main reason I went on family vacation with him one week after we started dating. I knew he wouldn't go without me. The longest we have ever been apart from one another was a week and I seriously didn't know what to do with myself by the end of it, it was miserable. I get made fun of for this by my family but Garth is just as bad so I know he doesn't mind haha. It's not that we don't have our own interests or can't function by ourselves, we just prefer to do that when we know the other one is just in the other room haha.

9. I am the most beautiful girl in the world.

I have always been a self-confident person in life, but my self confidence has grown immensely since I met Garth. Not because I needed his approval or affection to feel confident and beautiful, but because he taught me how to completely love myself and my body. Sometimes it was hard to do so when I went through the drastic changes of pregnancy and then into post-pregnancy,  but he never stopped thinking and telling me that I was the most beautiful girl in the world, so I believed it. He has been such a sweet, loving and kind husband and I think every girl deserves to feel the way he makes me feel.

10. Love your life, and make the best of every situation.

Anytime our plans don't work out the way we planned, we always still manage to have the best time and I know that that is 100% Garth's doing. Anybody who knows him knows that he is the happiest guy you will ever meet. I have learned from him that if you combine hardwork with positivity, you will go very far in life. I have watched him and seen it for myself. I look up to his positivity and drive so much and I will always strive to be like him.

I am so grateful for my husband, for the lessons that he has taught me in our short time together and I can't wait for everything that we will experience and learn together over the years to come.


Monday, 25 August 2014

20 weeks

{20 Weeks}

Baby is the size of: a Banana! 6 inches long and 9 ounces.

Cool Developments: The skin is thickening, forming the epidermis and the dermis.

Movement: Lots of movement this week! Still little movements, but they are there. I love this stage where you start to feel the baby move around inside of you. It is the craziest most indescribable feeling.

Body changes: My belly is definitely growing and everybody notices it now. My baby belly is low right now, and has been since the start, we will see what happens when it starts getting more cramped in there.

Weight gained: 7ish lbs

Anything making you queasy or sick? I kind of regressed this week and have started feeling the nausea again. Super annoying but I still can't complain, this pregnancy has been really good to me so far.

Food cravings: Starting to reach for sweets again. I havn't felt like eating anything sweet since before I was pregnant! My food highlights of the week have been pocky sticks and chocolate cake.

Best Moment of the Week: Lots of fun times this week! Birthday party for Rylee, Baby shower for Amy and then out for pedicures with some of the Vivint wives! We are all getting ready to move back home so it was nice finishing off our last week together with lots of fun times.

Happy or moody most of the time: "Because I'm happy....."

Looking forward to: Going camping! 10 days until Wasa!


Thursday, 21 August 2014

19 Weeks

{19 Weeks}

Baby is the size of: a Mango. 5.5- 6 inches and weighs 7 oz

Cool Developments: Our Baby can sleep and even dream!

Body changes: My body feels pretty sore lately, like "how your body is supposed to feel in the third trimester" sore. The pressure I was feeling down in my pelvic region in the first trimester is gone though so I am happy about that! I also get headaches often, which is different because I usually never get headaches!

Weight gained: 5-6 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Not yet, still squeezing into my skinny jeans!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope! I'm feeling great!

Food cravings: Salty Salty Salty... for weeks now. Nothing in particular though.

Happy or moody most of the time: Definitely happy. Although I am starting to get more emotional again, Garth told me a sad story about a lady he met while he was out working, and I literally burst into tears. According to Garth, I am also more unreasonable than usual when I am upset about something so he usually just chalks it up to pregnancy and leaves it alone.

Movement: Lots of movement going on inside of me, I have started feeling limbs and seeing distinct kicks from the outside. So far, the baby has gotten in one good hard jab!

Best Moment of the Week: Getting to see our baby!!!!!! It was such an amazing and thrilling experience seeing our baby for the first time. It made it that much more real. We saw it cross it's legs, move it's arms around and even yawn. It really is an indescribable feeling getting to actually see the life that is inside you.  I am so in love already! On the way home from the ultrasound we were talking to Grant and asked him "Are you so excited to be a big brother??" He just looked at us and said "no" and then proceeded to look out the window, it was so hilarious. I guess we should have expected that because that is the only word he says all day everyday lately. The next morning we went out for breakfast as a family to celebrate!

So stinken cute!

Looking forward to: Now that we have seen our cute little baby I am looking forward to feeling it more and more as it grows bigger. I am looking forward to moving back to Lethbridge in a couple of weeks, and for Grant to say the word "baby", i've been trying to teach it to him!


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

18 weeks

{ 18 weeks}

Baby is the size of: a Bell Pepper. 5- 5.8 inches and 5.3 ounces.

Cool Developments: Baby's eyes may be able to detect light this week and it will get fingerprints.

Movement: Garth felt the baby! It is still such small movements but just the fact that he felt it makes it feel more real, like I am not making it up.

Body changes: My boobs! When I was pregnant with Grant they definitely got bigger, but not like this. They have been really sore ever since I got pregnant (in fact, that is the reason I knew I was pregnant, even before I actually knew). I had been so uncomfortable everyday all day so I finally went to Victoria's Secret for a bra fitting because I had no idea what size I was anymore! The lady helping me told me that I am now a 34D. No wonder I was so sore all the time, I've been trying to stuff those babies into my usual 34B bras!! I am now in absolute bra heaven.

Food cravings: No cravings lately... so boring

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or moody most of the time: I am really happy all the time. Garth is loving work, I am loving life and there is just so much to be excited about and grateful for, I feel very blessed. Plus it is a lot easier to feel happy when you finally have energy and no sickness. I am really glad because I feel like I was always moody last time I was pregnant. But it is still early, the crazy hormones will probably sneak up on me soon haha.

Looking forward to: Our Ultrasound next week! I get to finally see my baby, the anticipation is killing me!


Monday, 18 August 2014

Our Edmonton Summer (Part 2)


What a busy month. What a fun month. 

We found a new spray park that we love even more. It is in the middle of an older community so there are never any kids there. It is a lot smaller than the other one we used to go to, but it is perfect for Grant. Plus there are playgrounds and a sand area that keeps him entertained for hours. We have been loving the hot 30 degree weather and Grant has developed quite the tan lines in his chubby arms and leg rolls.

Grant is so funny at the spray park. When he is not sitting on it or running through it he is trying to drink it like a water fountain, which usually results in him getting blasted in the face. It never gets old.

Aubrey, Brooklyn, Brylin and Grant

Grant loves hanging out with the girls. And the kids of course!

Eleni and Grant
Amy (Izzy), Kylie, (Aubrey), Kensey, Me, Eleni and Kim (and of course little Lady and Belle!)
The fire alarm went off in our building, (someone forgot how to barbeque...) and unfortunately I had to grab my sleeping boy out of bed and wait outside BUT we did get a picture with the firemen so that kind of makes up for it right?

Grant and his summer buddy Aubrey both having a rough time at the grocery store. It probably wasn't the smartest idea to go shopping after the spray park when they were both tired and hungry.

Our first Calgary trip of the summer was short but sweet. We spent some time with Grandma, Great Grandma and the Aunties at the pool. I learned that Grant has an obsession with pool noodles. Who knew? He wouldn't let go of those things until they were pried from his arms. 

We also got to spend some quality time with Aunt Jaymee, who never ever comes empty handed. It is always the best day when I get to see my best friend again.

Our last day in Calgary was a full day of wedding dress shopping with Rachel!! I have the amazing privilege of being in my friend Rachel's wedding party (July 2015) and I was very excited to watch her pick out her dress. We went to two different appointments, she tried on lots of different dresses and when she tried on the last one, we all knew it was the one. It felt exactly like "Say Yes to the Dress" haha. It was such an exciting day and I have lots of pictures that I can't post because she was in her dress. Here is a blurry dark picture of us out for lunch.

Our second trip to Calgary was during my birthday week! Our first evening was spent at Lake Bonavista. We had a yummy picnic for Jessica's birthday, swam, played in the sand and blew some bubbles. Later that night we had birthday cupcakes.

The next day was my birthday! We spent the whole afternoon at the pool with family and then had an evening at the mall trying to spend all my birthday money! 

I got a beautiful new dress, shirt, and mug from Anthropologie, a new wallet, purse, shirt, pants, necklace, headbands, sunglasses... I was definitely spoiled! I was sad I couldn't spend my birthday with Garth, but if I can't spend it with him, I am so glad I got to spend it with my family. Plus, even though he has to work on my birthday every summer, he always makes up for it. He really knows how to make me feel like a princess!

That night us girls went out for Japanese food to celebrate. It was a fantastic day!

I didn't take any pictures of the next day but I got to see some pretty important people. Rachel came over to drop off birthday cupcakes (so sweet!) and then the rest of the day Grant and I hung out with Jaymee.

Saturday was the main reason we went to Calgary... Jackie and Ian's Wedding Day!

It was a beautiful, hot day, they were a beautiful couple and everything was just perfect. I am so glad they are finally married! 

Since Garth had to work, Grant was my date to the wedding. He was a lot of fun, but also a lot more work than Garth would have been haha. We stayed until 9:30 and then got in the car and drove back up to Edmonton through crazy rain that night. 

The next day Colin and Cynthia came to visit. Grant got to play with Charlie and we got to play games all night and eat yummy artichoke dip. The next morning we all went on a walk at the Legislature Building together (where else would we take them? haha). It was so much fun, we only wish it lasted longer.

These next 3 pictures were stolen from Colin and Cynthia's blog :)

Grant looks so much like Garth in this picture!

Mikayla and her friend Krysia came the last week of July, so we got to spend a couple of fun filled days with them!

I know I make a lot of jokes about being a single mom in the summer because Garth is so busy working all day everyday. But the truth is, I have gotten to spend more time with him this summer than I have in the past. We have become so good at cherishing the little time that we have together and we really take advantage of our mornings and our Sundays. We spend our mornings shopping, going on walks, going to the park, going out for lunch, we even went to the spray park one morning because Garth wanted to see Grant play in the water. He really is the best dad and Grant adores him. Every time Garth puts his work clothes on and gets ready to leave Grant starts to get really unsettled and stands by the door, as if he is trying to block it. Once Garth actually leaves Grant just cries and cries! It is so sad and it makes Garth really sad, but we know that there is only one more month of selling and then they will be together all the time!

The highlight of my night is when I get that text from Garth letting me know he is done work. Some texts are more entertaining than others and sometimes he even rewrites Owl City songs for me "Vivint" style haha.

I know I did a pretty thorough update on Grant recently, but there were a couple things I forgot to mention:

- He loves his belly button, and everyone else's
- He will show you where his belly button and his nose is when you ask
-He makes cow noises (moo) and cat noises (meow)
-He folds his arms for prayer
- At the park he has started going down the slide by himself and then climbing up again
- He gives me Zurberts on my legs and laughs hysterically every time.
- In the bathtub he loves to lie on his stomach and blow bubbles in the water
- I have noticed a little bit of curl in his hair which doesn't surprise me because both Mom and Dad have it as well, but it is adorable!

Yep, July was pretty awesome.


Thursday, 14 August 2014

17 weeks

17 Weeks

Baby is the size of: an Onion. 4.5 to 5 inches and 3.5 ounces.

Cool Developments: The baby has started to form fat under it's skin. Loud noises can now startle him/her.

Movement: Feeling little small movements but not very often. I thought I would have felt it more by now.

Weight gain: About 2-3 pounds.

Body changes: No new stretchmarks. But my boobs are growing like crazy and my bras are really uncomfortable to wear.

Best moment of the week: Hanging out in the sun at the spray park!

Have you started to show yet: Most definitely.

Happy or moody most of the time: I have felt really happy lately.

Looking forward to: More movement from this little monkey inside of me!


16 weeks

16 Weeks

Baby is the size of: an Avacado. Measuring about 4.3-4,7 inches and weighs about 2.75 ounces.

Cool Developments: The baby now has facial expressions!

Maternity clothes: I wore my first maternity dress to church this past sunday and it is the comfiest thing in the world. But other than that I am still wearing my normal clothes, I will have to start unbuttoning my pants soon though.

Sleep: I still sleep very well!

Movement: I think I felt it for the first time but it was so small I couldn't be sure. And then I felt tiny movements the next day while I was lying on my stomach that I am almost positive were the baby telling me to roll over haha

Anything making you queasy or sick: raw meat. I still can't look at it or smell it.

Cravings: Salty things like popcorn

Belly button in or out: kind of flat, but I guess sticking out a little bit. It is pretty weird.

Looking forward to: Garth feeling the baby move!


Friday, 8 August 2014

15 Weeks

Week 15

Baby is the size of an: APPLE (4 inches long, 1.75 ounces)

Cool Developments: My body is has reached a 30-50% increase in blood volume, crazy!

Highlights of the week: 

-Taking our family/ pregnancy announcement pictures with Kimberlee Martin.
-My birthday!
-Jackie and Ian's Wedding!

Cravings: I still hate food, but if I have to eat, I am leaning towards salty foods. Garth keeps wanting breakfast for dinner (which is usually my fav) but I don't think I can do waffles or anything sweet like that, yuck.

Looking forward to: feeling the baby move!


Weeks 5-14

1st Trimester Fun

I found out I was pregnant around week 5 and by week 6 the nausea hit me. Luckily, I had learned the second time around and started taking diclectin right away! It didn't get rid of the sickness BUT I didn't throw up once! Not once! This is a huge blessing to me because with Grant I threw up on average like 4 times a day. 

The diclectin made me really tired, and well, I was growing a human, so when I wasn't taking care of Grant I was sleeping. Luckily, I had a grace period between about 3:00- 6:00 pm where I felt okay enough to go out and do things with Grant to keep him happy. But after 6:00 I was done for the day.

I never want to be pregnant in a city where I don't have a doctor again. It was so frustrating dealing with walk in clinics and doctors who have no idea what they are doing. The day after I found out I was pregnant we went to a clinic to make sure. Apparently they just believed me and sent me on my way with the paperwork to go get my blood work done. I did that, and then a couple days later I get a call from that same clinic telling me I need to come in ASAP, and it was regarding my blood work. I got super scared, because I thought no news was good news and with Grant I never got a call about it. I called Garth who came and got me and took me into the office. We waited for about 2 hours until we finally got in and the doctor walked in. The first thing the doctor said was "Everything is fine....but... it looks like you are pregnant!" I felt like I should have been mad, but I was too relieved to care. He said to come back in at 12 weeks and they would do a check up and hear the heartbeat etc. 

When we went back in at 12 weeks, after waiting for over an hour, walked in and the first thing the doctor said was "So why are you here?" I explained that I was told to come back in at this time to check the heartbeat and she immediately got defensive and rudely exclaimed that they couldn't have told me that because they don't do that there. I was so frustrated that I just walked out of the room and never went back. 

 We called a couple clinics around the city looking for someone who does and it turns out a lot of clinics here don't do that.  That has been the most frustrating part about this whole thing. I just want to hear my baby. I want that more than anything. And they also wouldn't give me a 6 week ultrasound when I first went in because they also "don't do that". Useless, I tell ya.

Anyway, so I am very anxious for my 19 week ultrasound, because if I can't hear the heartbeat, I at least want to see my baby!

Here is my little bump at the end of my first trimester. Apparently at 12 weeks the baby is the size of a lime.

12 weeks- a little bit of a bump poking through!

Week 13-14

I kind of dropped the ball and didn't take any pictures for week 13 or 14. But the baby grew from the size of a tangerine to a nectarine. It's vital systems are fully developed and the face is beginning to look more human like, All its teeth are formed under the gums and he/she can smile! The digestive system and lungs have both started functioning.
During those weeks we shared the news with Rex & Bet (over skype, because they are on their mission in Ireland), my cousin Erica (through an email because she is on her mission in Portland), my parents, sisters and two of my closest friends. I told all the Vivint Wives at about 10 weeks, because I was already showing and thought it was better then them thinking I was getting fat haha. 

My family came to visit us in Edmonton so we waited to tell them in person. We told them that because they wouldn't be able to come to Wasa with us in the fall, we had planned something for us to do together around New Years. And then we gave them a present to open, which was my 12 week picture above saying "Baby #2 arriving Jan 5, 2015". There were squeals, laughs, tears and lots of hugs.

I am definitely excited for this next trimester, for the sickness to leave and to finally see and hear my baby!


Monday, 4 August 2014

Every Superhero needs his sidekick!

It's true.

This family of 3....

is becoming a family of 4!

We are so excited for Baby No. 2 to join our family around January 5, 2015!

We decided to turn to our favorite photographer, Kimberlee Martin, to help us with our pregnancy announcement and it turned into a fantastic family shoot. We couldn't be happier with our pictures! This was our first time taking family pictures with Grant and it was such a different experience then any other time before (obviously!). He has passed the age of caring to pose or sit still and has definitely not reached the age of listening (does that happen?) so Kim pretty much had to chase him all over the woods and field that we were shooting in. I walked away from it that night thinking, "well, if she got one good picture of him smiling and not running away, I will be ecstatic." 

But lets face it, it is Kim we are talking about. She turned a little family standing in a field into something magical and dreamy. Seriously, I love her.

Here are some highlights from our Pregnancy Announcement/ Family Pictures:

 At the time we took these photos I was about 15 weeks along. I know my belly looks huge, and believe me, it already is haha, but to be fair I was really trying to push my belly out for these photos. 


This picture below turned out to be one of my favorites, and it was the one we used to announce the exciting news!

One of the many reasons we felt so strongly about growing our family was because of Grant. He is such a people person, he loves interacting with everyone around him, no matter where we are. He has been this way since the day he was born and we just knew that it was time for him to have a sibling. He will be an amazing big brother!

Grant and the baby will be about 21.5 months apart. It makes me really excited to think how close they will be and before we know it they will be playing together!

After all, every superhero needs his sidekick.