Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Happy Birthday Asher!

With Asher's birthday being on Boxing Day, we knew that we wanted to make it special and set it apart from Christmas! Both Garth and I were really discouraged because we were walking the aisles of Toys R Us trying to pick out his birthday gift and nothing seemed good enough. I have always wanted a teepee for my boys and now that we have our own home with a playroom we actually had room for one! We thought that would be a perfect gift for our little 1 year old to play in, snuggle in and read books in. 

Instead of buying one, I went to my super talented husband and mother in law who did a perfect job. I am so happy with it and more importantly Asher loves it!

Ashe's birthday was pretty low key, I felt like I put so much pressure to make the day perfect and I realized he was a baby, he just wants to eat and nap and he's happy with just about anything!

He had a pancake breakfast, birthday cake, presents and lots of love from his family.

We had a mini little birthday photo shoot when we were back home and I just die over the fact that my baby is 1 year old! 

One year ago, after the most memorable and special Christmas night (which you can read all about HERE if you wish), Asher Garth came into our lives. His loving nature, loud singing, hilarious personality and slobbery kisses have changed my life. God knew exactly what I needed when he sent him to me.

Happy Birthday Asher Thrasher!


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