Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning was everything I hoped it would be! At first they had no idea what was going on but then when Grant came downstairs and saw the train table he ran straight for it screaming in delight! We slowly checked out everything in their stockings, including new beanies.

We had a great chill morning opening presents and we learned that the struggle is real, deciding between opening presents and playing with the presents you just opened haha. They both loved their new toys/books and the nice thing about them being so close in age is that they loved each others toys too!

The train table and his little Paw Patrol Pups were the biggest hits in Grant's eyes!

Afterwards, we had a nice breakfast and took some pictures of Asher by the tree (On his very first Christmas!!!)

We decided ahead of time to split Christmas between the families this year so once we were ready to go we headed up to Calgary for Christmas Dinner with my family.

Asher ended up puking in the car (his first time puking ever!) but luckily we were only 10 minutes away by that point. After a warm bath he seemed to be feeling a bit better.

After dinner at my Grandma's we played some Christmas songs with the handbells and then we headed back to my parents to open some more presents.

My sister made this for our new house and we are in love with it!

It was an amazing memorable Christmas Day, but what I will remember as my favorite part of this Christmas was putting the boys to bed that night. Grant asked for me to cuddle him and so I laid in his bed and asked him about his day. He kept repeatedly telling me that today was "So fun", "So cool" and he loved his Paw Patrol. While we laid there, listening to music, he wrapped his arms around me and fell asleep. I just felt so grateful for my boys. They make my life so full and they are truly what made this Christmas one I will never forget!


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