Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Just waiting...

Last year, I was pretty lazy when it came to journal writing. It really is a shame because so many crazy, hard and amazing things took place in the year of 2012. I have come to the conclusion that joining the blogging world will help me finally stay on track. Especially now that Garth and I are starting a family! Plus, it is also a way to keep in touch with family and friends near and far. 

So the most exciting thing in my life right now, Garth and I are expecting a baby....any day now. I am 39 weeks, 4 days and I swear this week couldn't go by any slower. I have scrubbed every inch of our place clean, organized every drawer and my hospital bag has been packed and sitting by the door for weeks. I am now just playing the waiting game.

Here is a summary of my last 9 months:

Finding out: I found out I was pregnant on my 22nd birthday. I was so excited because I was a day late and I just KNEW that I was pregnant. As soon as I got back from work I took the test and sure enough, the evidence was there, for reals. It was almost torturous to get through all the birthday shenanigans because I just wanted Garth to get home so I could tell him. He did not believe me at first haha. It was definitely the best birthday present I have received to this day.

1st Trimester: I thought I was going to die. I literally couldn't move without throwing up. I isolated myself from the world because it was way easier than lying about why I was so ill (although, everyone probably already guessed it anyway.) 

First started to show: 13 weeks

2nd Trimester: Although the sickness never stopped, my doctor put me on Dyclectin which actually did wonders and for the most part I could live normally again. I spent my days either in Lethbridge or Calgary, working on my new album that I plan to release sometime in the next year. Recording songs that I wrote, in a legit studio with amazingly talented couldn't get any better! And it made it way more special that this baby was a part of it :)

-Cravings: Reeses Pieces & Orange Juice were the biggest ones for sure. 
-Movement: First movement was around Thanksgiving (17 weeks). My favourite part about being pregnant is feeling it kick, I love talking and singing back to it.
-Mood: An emotional wreck ALL.THE.TIME.
I fell in love right away.
22 weeks
25 weeks
3rd Trimester: This has been the hardest, yet at the same time the best. People smile at me everywhere I go, strike up conversations about my huge belly ("are you sure there is only one in there?") and compliment me on how amazing I look. Who wouldn't enjoy that? And I will take it alongside all the aches and mood-swings. Rolling over or getting up off the couch is a bigger ordeal than I ever imagined.

- Maternity: I bought my first pair of maternity skinny jeans. They are so amazing I only take them off to wash them.
- Rings: I choose not to take my wedding ring off...mainly because it is impossible. 
- Total weight gain: 40 lbs!!!

31 weeks
35 weeks
38 weeks
Best Pregnancy Moments
- Hearing the heartbeat for the first time
- Writing a song for the baby and playing it for Garth for the first time
- Garth reading, kissing and singing to my belly. He is going to be an AMAZING dad.

Maternity Pics by Nicole Maclean
I guess I'll just keep waiting..... So excited!!