Monday, 29 September 2014

3 Years.

On August 26, 214, Garth and I celebrated our third anniversary! 

I wrote a special post about Garth which can be read HERE.

Garth has had to work on our anniversary for the past 3 years, but he always plans something special for us to do. Instead of buying each other gifts every year, we decided we would rather spend the money doing something together. In the past 2 years we booked a hotel and had our own little weekend getaway, but this year we knew that wouldn't be a possibility being in Edmonton with no babysitter. 

We decided we would wait and go to Denver, Colorado in October instead. We have been planning our week long trip to Denver and I am already so excited! Garth served his mission there so not only do we have people to visit, we will also be going to a Bronco's game and a concert!

Anyway, back to our Anniversary....

That night when Garth got home from work, he had a little surprise for me, which I wasn't expecting at all! He had rewritten the lyrics to an Alkaline Trio song and played it for me on the guitar. I love that he is musical and enjoys singing and writing songs for me, because it is my favorite thing ever. 

Here are the lyrics, which he informed me later were written while I was in the shower, right before he sang them to me haha. 

Like 2 bees in the hive we were dancing and swinging
At the sweethearts ball 3 years ago.
Time has flown by so fast but my heart is still singing
"3 years down, forever to go"
Now our son is so cute, second one coming soon
Not a clue how you do it each day,
Yes we've started to thrive, but if we're gonna survive,
There's a few things that I gotta say

Let do hot chocolate at Starbucks forever,
Tim Hortons cocoa is too cheap
Listen to music together
iTunes is well worth the fee
Now when I take you to moxies, out late, dear my darling,
I hope you'll leave one son at home
I don't think watching you shop is that boring
So please don't go all alone.

I took a blind leap of faith, the doors I started knocking
It's paid the bills for now 3 years.
The summers are hard, but I won't hear you talking,
Complaining, wanking or full of jeers.
Now on August 26th, always work, hard to fix
Your so amazing I won't hear a peep,
So I got us some gift cards to share my dear darling,
I hope you don't think I'm cheap.

Let do hot chocolate at Starbucks forever,
Tim Hortons cocoa is too cheap
Listen to music together
iTunes is well worth the fee
Now when I take you to moxies, out late, dear my darling,
I hope you'll leave one son at home
I don't think watching you shop is that boring
So please don't go all alone.

He then presented me with some gift cards, which you can pretty much guess what they are for from the song haha. Starbucks, Itunes, Moxies and Forever 21. He is so cute.

Garth had mentioned to me over the past couple of months that he wanted to make a video of our Honeymoon. We have a lot of fun putting together videos of our trips together, our family videos etc., because otherwise the videos on our computer never get watched. They are amazing keepsakes to have and so I decided to make a video of our Wedding/Honeymoon for us to have.

It is funny because when we watched it together for the first time he commented on how he didn't feel any less comfortable with me then than he does now. From the moment we spent time together we were just ourselves, always comfortable with each other and just in love. Sometimes when I realize we have only been married for 3 years I can't help but think, That's it?? It's hard to remember a time when he wasn't in my life.

I am so excited to be married to this man forever. He makes all the happiness in my life seem more exciting, and when the hard times come around, they are a lot easier to face when I know I can cuddle up to him and cry on his shoulder. 

I really am the luckiest.


Saturday, 27 September 2014

Our Edmonton Summer (Part 3)

Yep, I'm blogging about August.

That is what happens when you have a husband to spend all your free time with again, blogging goes down on my list of priorities.

August consisted of hanging out with friends, playing hard, and then packing up to go home to Lethbridge. Here are some pictures from our last fun month in Edmonton:

Sundays at the "ledge" with the Vivint crew

Sherwood Park Leisure Centre Play Place with Kensey and Brooklyn

Galaxy Land with Aubrey and Kylie

We had so much fun that we had to go back with Daddy in the morning.

One of my many favorite Grant faces

That looks comfy...

We went to get Grant's passport picture taken and surprise, surprise he wouldn't stop smiling for the camera. I was not going to confuse him by telling him not to smile so being the good mother that I am, I gave him a sour icebreaker which he immediately spit out. Somehow the photographer still managed to capture this awesome picture through all that. My favorite part is you can still see the dribble on his shirt from when he spit it out.

This is going to make me sound really spoiled (I am), but ever since I hit week 6 of being pregnant and felt the nausea hit, Garth started bring me breakfast in bed everyday so I could get some food in me before I had to get up. It really did help a lot and Grant would always climb in the bed and eat with me. (After eating his own breakfast I might add). Pretty soon Garth started pouring bigger bowls so Grant wouldn't eat my whole breakfast haha.

Out for Japanese food!

My favorite part about Grant waking up from his naps, the post nap cuddles!

One night around 9ish Grant woke up really upset. Apparently all he needed was a sippy cup and some selfies to turn his mood around.

We finally got to see our baby! The first testing part was unbearable as I had to pee so bad and just had to lie there as she poked and proded at my stomach and my bladder, but then it was over and they brought Garth and Grant in and we all got to see the baby together. It was so fun seeing it's alien face, a cute yawn and it's little feet moving around. 

We went to Cora's for Breakfast to celebrate!

Grant actually started coloring and not just eating the crayons.

Sunday hangouts in downtown Ed

I sure loved getting lots of surprise flowers this summer... 
Matchy Matchy

Kim threw a surprise Baby Shower from Amy who is having her baby girl at the end of September. It was so much fun going and picking out girl clothes and then afterwards hanging out with some of the ladies (and kids).

As a last hurrah, we all (almost all) went and got pedicures together before saying goodbye.

Grant enjoying his last spray park day of the summer.

Eric and Katie came up to Edmonton for a visit so we got to spend time with them all Sunday going on walks and playing games. They brought their fancy camera and took some cute pics of Grant and our family. We did take pictures with them, but we havn't seen them yet haha.

I got the final mixes of my songs back so we had a listening party when Garth got home...

...which woke Grant up but it was all good because we got to watch a hot air balloon almost land on some houses.

The last week of the summer is always the hardest. Most people have left by then so there aren't many guys left selling and this year all the wives were gone by then as well. So staying motivated is hard, but I was proud of Garth for knocking until the end. we decided it was time to leave when they came and took all our furniture haha.
Packing up went as smooth as ever between Garth and I. Usually, we are both pretty stubborn and both have different ideas on how it should be done but it worked. Grant definitely slowed the process down a lot, but if you take away the part where he almost died trying to climb on all of the boxes and him crying every time Garth left the apartment to take a box down, it was alright.

My dad, who has been working in Edmonton, was our hero that week. Not only did he drive down to Calgary, pick up the van, drive it up to Edmonton and help us pack up, he also took us out for a yummy steak dinner before driving back to Calgary that night.

Since we couldn't go back to our place for another day, we had a day to kill in Calgary. Garth got to take a nap and then we had a Yakiniku feast!

We left Grant in Calgary the next day while we went down to Lethbridge to unload all our stuff and load up all the gear for our camping trip. He was put to good use.

It was nice getting to spend time with family that we hadn't seen in about 4 1/2 months!

Summer was fantastic, but by the end, all 3 of us were really ready for some family bonding time. Especially these boys.