Monday, 18 August 2014

Our Edmonton Summer (Part 2)


What a busy month. What a fun month. 

We found a new spray park that we love even more. It is in the middle of an older community so there are never any kids there. It is a lot smaller than the other one we used to go to, but it is perfect for Grant. Plus there are playgrounds and a sand area that keeps him entertained for hours. We have been loving the hot 30 degree weather and Grant has developed quite the tan lines in his chubby arms and leg rolls.

Grant is so funny at the spray park. When he is not sitting on it or running through it he is trying to drink it like a water fountain, which usually results in him getting blasted in the face. It never gets old.

Aubrey, Brooklyn, Brylin and Grant

Grant loves hanging out with the girls. And the kids of course!

Eleni and Grant
Amy (Izzy), Kylie, (Aubrey), Kensey, Me, Eleni and Kim (and of course little Lady and Belle!)
The fire alarm went off in our building, (someone forgot how to barbeque...) and unfortunately I had to grab my sleeping boy out of bed and wait outside BUT we did get a picture with the firemen so that kind of makes up for it right?

Grant and his summer buddy Aubrey both having a rough time at the grocery store. It probably wasn't the smartest idea to go shopping after the spray park when they were both tired and hungry.

Our first Calgary trip of the summer was short but sweet. We spent some time with Grandma, Great Grandma and the Aunties at the pool. I learned that Grant has an obsession with pool noodles. Who knew? He wouldn't let go of those things until they were pried from his arms. 

We also got to spend some quality time with Aunt Jaymee, who never ever comes empty handed. It is always the best day when I get to see my best friend again.

Our last day in Calgary was a full day of wedding dress shopping with Rachel!! I have the amazing privilege of being in my friend Rachel's wedding party (July 2015) and I was very excited to watch her pick out her dress. We went to two different appointments, she tried on lots of different dresses and when she tried on the last one, we all knew it was the one. It felt exactly like "Say Yes to the Dress" haha. It was such an exciting day and I have lots of pictures that I can't post because she was in her dress. Here is a blurry dark picture of us out for lunch.

Our second trip to Calgary was during my birthday week! Our first evening was spent at Lake Bonavista. We had a yummy picnic for Jessica's birthday, swam, played in the sand and blew some bubbles. Later that night we had birthday cupcakes.

The next day was my birthday! We spent the whole afternoon at the pool with family and then had an evening at the mall trying to spend all my birthday money! 

I got a beautiful new dress, shirt, and mug from Anthropologie, a new wallet, purse, shirt, pants, necklace, headbands, sunglasses... I was definitely spoiled! I was sad I couldn't spend my birthday with Garth, but if I can't spend it with him, I am so glad I got to spend it with my family. Plus, even though he has to work on my birthday every summer, he always makes up for it. He really knows how to make me feel like a princess!

That night us girls went out for Japanese food to celebrate. It was a fantastic day!

I didn't take any pictures of the next day but I got to see some pretty important people. Rachel came over to drop off birthday cupcakes (so sweet!) and then the rest of the day Grant and I hung out with Jaymee.

Saturday was the main reason we went to Calgary... Jackie and Ian's Wedding Day!

It was a beautiful, hot day, they were a beautiful couple and everything was just perfect. I am so glad they are finally married! 

Since Garth had to work, Grant was my date to the wedding. He was a lot of fun, but also a lot more work than Garth would have been haha. We stayed until 9:30 and then got in the car and drove back up to Edmonton through crazy rain that night. 

The next day Colin and Cynthia came to visit. Grant got to play with Charlie and we got to play games all night and eat yummy artichoke dip. The next morning we all went on a walk at the Legislature Building together (where else would we take them? haha). It was so much fun, we only wish it lasted longer.

These next 3 pictures were stolen from Colin and Cynthia's blog :)

Grant looks so much like Garth in this picture!

Mikayla and her friend Krysia came the last week of July, so we got to spend a couple of fun filled days with them!

I know I make a lot of jokes about being a single mom in the summer because Garth is so busy working all day everyday. But the truth is, I have gotten to spend more time with him this summer than I have in the past. We have become so good at cherishing the little time that we have together and we really take advantage of our mornings and our Sundays. We spend our mornings shopping, going on walks, going to the park, going out for lunch, we even went to the spray park one morning because Garth wanted to see Grant play in the water. He really is the best dad and Grant adores him. Every time Garth puts his work clothes on and gets ready to leave Grant starts to get really unsettled and stands by the door, as if he is trying to block it. Once Garth actually leaves Grant just cries and cries! It is so sad and it makes Garth really sad, but we know that there is only one more month of selling and then they will be together all the time!

The highlight of my night is when I get that text from Garth letting me know he is done work. Some texts are more entertaining than others and sometimes he even rewrites Owl City songs for me "Vivint" style haha.

I know I did a pretty thorough update on Grant recently, but there were a couple things I forgot to mention:

- He loves his belly button, and everyone else's
- He will show you where his belly button and his nose is when you ask
-He makes cow noises (moo) and cat noises (meow)
-He folds his arms for prayer
- At the park he has started going down the slide by himself and then climbing up again
- He gives me Zurberts on my legs and laughs hysterically every time.
- In the bathtub he loves to lie on his stomach and blow bubbles in the water
- I have noticed a little bit of curl in his hair which doesn't surprise me because both Mom and Dad have it as well, but it is adorable!

Yep, July was pretty awesome.


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  1. I love how nicely he is sitting on your lap at the pool, Charlie would NEVER do that, but I definitely can relate to that shopping pic, lol. Looks like you're having a blast, you have one cute little (soon to be mid-sized) family!