Thursday, 14 August 2014

16 weeks

16 Weeks

Baby is the size of: an Avacado. Measuring about 4.3-4,7 inches and weighs about 2.75 ounces.

Cool Developments: The baby now has facial expressions!

Maternity clothes: I wore my first maternity dress to church this past sunday and it is the comfiest thing in the world. But other than that I am still wearing my normal clothes, I will have to start unbuttoning my pants soon though.

Sleep: I still sleep very well!

Movement: I think I felt it for the first time but it was so small I couldn't be sure. And then I felt tiny movements the next day while I was lying on my stomach that I am almost positive were the baby telling me to roll over haha

Anything making you queasy or sick: raw meat. I still can't look at it or smell it.

Cravings: Salty things like popcorn

Belly button in or out: kind of flat, but I guess sticking out a little bit. It is pretty weird.

Looking forward to: Garth feeling the baby move!


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