Monday, 4 August 2014

Every Superhero needs his sidekick!

It's true.

This family of 3....

is becoming a family of 4!

We are so excited for Baby No. 2 to join our family around January 5, 2015!

We decided to turn to our favorite photographer, Kimberlee Martin, to help us with our pregnancy announcement and it turned into a fantastic family shoot. We couldn't be happier with our pictures! This was our first time taking family pictures with Grant and it was such a different experience then any other time before (obviously!). He has passed the age of caring to pose or sit still and has definitely not reached the age of listening (does that happen?) so Kim pretty much had to chase him all over the woods and field that we were shooting in. I walked away from it that night thinking, "well, if she got one good picture of him smiling and not running away, I will be ecstatic." 

But lets face it, it is Kim we are talking about. She turned a little family standing in a field into something magical and dreamy. Seriously, I love her.

Here are some highlights from our Pregnancy Announcement/ Family Pictures:

 At the time we took these photos I was about 15 weeks along. I know my belly looks huge, and believe me, it already is haha, but to be fair I was really trying to push my belly out for these photos. 


This picture below turned out to be one of my favorites, and it was the one we used to announce the exciting news!

One of the many reasons we felt so strongly about growing our family was because of Grant. He is such a people person, he loves interacting with everyone around him, no matter where we are. He has been this way since the day he was born and we just knew that it was time for him to have a sibling. He will be an amazing big brother!

Grant and the baby will be about 21.5 months apart. It makes me really excited to think how close they will be and before we know it they will be playing together!

After all, every superhero needs his sidekick.


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