Thursday, 20 February 2014

Second Honeymoon VII: Cloud 9 Spa

One of the best ideas we ever made for this cruise was getting a spa room. It definitely had nothing to do with the fact that it was on the 11th floor close to all the food...

Our cute little room

When you stay in a spa room, you pay a little extra for the room but have unlimited access to all the spa amenities for the whole week. Otherwise, you just pay to go in every time. You also get free classes, and complimentary products. You also have your own robe, slippers and bracelets to use throughout the week.

When you walk out of our room and turn the corner, you see this spiral staircase/elevator which takes you up to the spa. 

The Cloud 9 Spa is one of the largest spas at sea with many different treatments and facilities for everyone. Whether you wanted to do kickboxing, catch a yoga class, get a haircut or massage, this was the place to be while cruising around the Caribbean.

One of my favourite parts was the Thalassotherapy Pool. It is a warm mineral salt pool with ionized water and jets that gently massage and help soothe sore joints. It is really good for those with sports injuries. We really enjoyed relaxing in there. One of our days at sea was pretty stormy/rocky so we spent a lot of time at the spa that day. We went into the Thalasso Pool and the waves were so crazy, Every time the ship would rock, the water would crash up against the ends and go everywhere. it was almost like we were in the actual ocean. After sticking it out for a bit we decided to go. When we got out there was a sign up on the door saying it was closed for the time being. We thought it was pretty funny that they closed it but didn't even check to see if anyone was in there.

Next is the thermal suite. It is made up of 4 different chambers. All four rooms release a variety of dry heat, steam and mists into the air with aromatherapy vapours.

I loved this area because it always played oriental music which was actually really relaxing. After we spent time in there we would shower off in the showers, which was more like a car wash. We would talk about how in our house someday we were going to have a shower like that haha.

First was Laconium. This room outlooked the ocean and had a heated tile seats. This room was a little hotter than room temperature. You would usually spend about 20 minutes in there.

Second was the Oriental Steam Bath. This room also over looked the ocean and had heated seats. I would last 10 minutes tops in this room.

Third was Tepidarium. this room was the prettiest in my opinion and a good place to relax...when people weren't snoring in there.

Fourth was the Aroma Steam Bath. This was the hottest of them all, I would last 5 minutes tops in there. I loved it because it smelt like Peppermint but it seriously burned when you would breathe, in a good way.

Afterwards, we would always finish up in another room relaxing and drinking orange water looking out at the waves.

My absolute favourite part about the spa was getting my very first facial treatment. It was so amazing. The room overlooked the ocean which made it picture perfect. When she first came in she asked me what I wanted to change about my skin or what bothered me about it. after I told her that I was honestly just there for a good deep clean, she picked the specific treatment she thought would be best for me and then got started. I was so relaxed the whole time that before I knew it, it was over. I didn't really know what to expect, never having a facial before but I would recommend it to everyone and I will definitely be doing that again.

After it was over she tried to sell me a bunch of insanely expensive products that you could only buy on the carnival ship, which didn't entice me at all haha.

We absolutely loved having access to the spa rooms and it was nice getting to go in there anytime we wanted for however long. One thing that I was pleasantly surprised about was that it was never busy or crowded. It didn't matter what time you went, morning, afternoon, evening, we always had the place pretty much to ourselves.

Anybody thinking about going on a Carnival Cruise should definitely consider visiting Cloud 9 Spa.


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