Sunday, 23 February 2014

Second Honeymoon Part IX: Costa Maya, Mexico

We arrived in Costa Maya pretty early in the morning so we got up extra early so we could get off the ship and make the most of our day in Mexico! We were supposed to have stopped at our other ports of call but it was way too stormy and the waves were too strong to allow anyone to get off the ship safely. It felt so good to touch land after 2 days at sea! 

When we first got off the ship it was fairy early so the sun hadn't graced us with it's presence yet. We found a shuttle to take us to the beach so we could go swimming.

We went swimming together in the ocean, which was definitely my favorite part of the whole trip. I was born to live in the ocean, like a fish...or a mermaid.

And then it started to rain. We found cover and were trying to figure out what we should do when the rain stopped and the sun came out! So we found ourselves some beach chairs and soaked it all up.

While we were hanging out on the beach there would be numerous locals that would walk by trying to sell their handmade souvenirs, jewellery etc. Normally I am not too interested in that stuff, but there was one pregnant girl that kept walking by with these bracelets that were actually so cute! I kept telling Garth, "those ones are actually cute, we need to get some for my sisters." So later on in the afternoon I saw here again and tried to barter with her and she wouldn't budge! No matter what I said she wouldn't even move her price at all. We decided we would look elsewhere.

I really like Costa Maya because it had a really local feel to it. It was less "touristy" than Cozumel, but still had the nice water and great beach.

We spent lots of time swimming in the ocean together and by the time we had to leave I still wasn't ready to go. It was the most beautiful and perfect day, I had salt in my hair, sun on my face and I felt glorious.

We had asked lots of people to take our picture over the course of the two weeks we were gone and this picture below was the only one that turned out perfectly. It surprised me how many people didn't know how to work a camera phone. Even though we took a lot of selfies that I adore, I really love and appreciate having this picture. So thank you kind stranger!

We left the beach and crossed the street to look at some shops when Garth caught a glimpse of a guy carrying around those same bracelets I liked. We stopped him and asked what kind of deal he would give us if we were to buy 4 of them and he gave them to us for half the price of the other lady, no bartering necessary.

We chatted with some local guys about how we were liking Mexico and then hoped in a taxi that took us back to the main area by the ship where there were lots of shops to look around. We ended up buying Garth a t-shirt, another one of those bracelets and some instruments for Grant. (He loves his maraca and tambourine best at the moment).

I loved the relaxed feel of Costa Maya and the perfect day that we had there. It was the best way to end our vacation.


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