Monday, 17 February 2014

Second Honeymoon Part V: Carnival Dream

On January 4th, we woke up, packed and headed back on the shuttle to the airport. We got some fruit and Krispy Kreme Donuts (so gross, I would take Tim Horton's over Krispy Kreme anyday) and then waited for our bus to take us to Port Canaveral. We spent the whole ride there talking and both got super excited when our ship was finally in sight. It was huge!

Boarding the ship!

Carnival Dream is one of their 3 largest ships, with 15 decks and 3652 passengers.

Carnival Dream

Here is the main deck. The only time we really hung out here was at night time when they had dance parties or outdoor movies playing. During the day we spent our time outdoors closer to the (quieter) adult area.

Here was the Pizza place open 24/7. The pizza was AH-mazing!

Garth loved going down the water slides!

We loved spending time together in the hot tubs. They are on the sides of the ship and outlook the ocean. When we left Port Canaveral the first evening we stayed in there forever and watched the land slowly disappear.

The mini-golf course was really legit! I won the first game we ever played and then Garth spanked me every other time. To be fair, he had lots of practice on his last cruise ;) but I am a good loser so I will accept defeat and admit he his superior in that sport.

There was always live music playing in the main lobby during the evenings so we would go dancing a lot. It was fun to be amongst all those older couples :)

This is the theatre where all the main shows took place. As entertainment goes, they were pretty entertaining, but the singers were HORRIBLE. I couldn't believe how bad they were until I realized, who really wants the gig to perform on a cruise ship?? Probably nobody, so they take what they can get.
Our favorite show was a "Love and Marriage" show. They picked three couples from the audience. One couple had been married for 4 days, the other 26 years and the other 56 years. They had them sit back to back and answer questions and afterwards we got to hear their answers and it was really funny. They had some easier questions like "Where/When did you meet?" but there were a lot of hard questions like:
" You haven't seen ugly until you've seen my wife's ______" 
 "If the walls in your bedroom could talk they would say: ___" 
 "What is your husband's worst habit?"  
"Rate your first kiss on a scale of 1-10."
"The best word to describe your wife's butt." etc.
Garth and I played along in the audience and we ended up getting 60%. 
The newlywed couple ended up winning, but the older couple was hilarious and my favorite. The man in the other couple was clearly intoxicated so his answers were very strange haha.

I loved walking around and exploring the ship because there was so much to see. There were always so many different musical acts performing at different parts of the ship, or we would hear people sing karaoke. We would walk through the art galleries or walk through the Casino and watch people throw all their money away. They also had different clubs for the teens and for children.

We would go walk through the shops whose items were surprisingly cheaper then I thought they would be. Every night before dinner we would make it a habit to come try on a new perfume or cologne.

The food was always amazing and always around. I think we did a really good job, because we ate a lot of food but we ate a lot of healthy food. They had so many options to choose from including sandwiches/paninis, asian, indian, mexican, american etc. We would eat little meals constantly, so I felt like I was always hungry! Every night at 2 in the morning I would get so hungry that we would order room service. My favorite thing to order was a BLT. Such a hard life ;) You have free food surrounding you at all times and when you are too lazy to get up and go get it, they will bring it to you.

As fun as exploring the cruise ship and all those other activities were, one of our favorite things to do on sail days was just lay out in the sun and tan or read. The water was so beautiful, and I would love to just sit and look out over the ocean.

Here was our first sail day:

And here is our last sail day! We seriously spent all day outside in the sun. We decided that since we were going to go home to snow and freezing temperatures, we were going to go all out. We both got super burnt and spent the night covering ourselves in aloe vera gel. We did such a good job that two days later our burns were already turning into tans.

We loved spending time on the ship, it was such a beautiful ship with so much to do, but our favorite activities took place when we docked and we got to see our beautiful ports of call.


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