Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Second Honeymoon Part VI: Cozumel

For our second cruise day, we got off to explore Cozumel, Mexico!

It was really bright out haha

A lot of people who go on cruises like to go on excursions when they get to their ports of call. As fun as swimming with sting rays sounds (not!), it had been so long since I had been somewhere warm and beautiful like this, all I wanted to do was find a beach!

First, decided to go for a walk and check out some local shops.

They still had a bunch of Christmas decorations up.

We walked for about an hour and dipped our feet in the water. It was breathtakingly beautiful!

Funny little bird!

I wasn't interested in all the shops by the cruise ship, so once we got to these little local shops we had an enjoyable time looking around at all the handmade items and souvenirs. I love bartering with the shop owners because they almost always cave. They always start off by telling you it is a special deal "just for you". Once you give them a price, they will act like you are crazy, it is worth way more than that! As soon as you walk away, they cave. Garth went to Cozumel on his last cruise and brought back some vanilla and it was heavenly. We put it in our smoothies and it makes them that much better. We had run out of it right before this trip so it was the perfect time to stock up!

Afterwards, we were so tired of walking and so anxious to get to the beach! We found a taxi and asked him to take us to a non-populated, sandy beach. He took us to the perfect little beach club. There was almost nobody around besides some scuba divers. It was nice to sit out and feel the sand in our toes. It felt like our perfect little hideaway.

After a little while it began to pour rain. We quickly began to pack up all our stuff and ran for cover. (We have a video of it, which I will put in our trip video). Once I got over the fact that it was raining, I remembered that we were in Mexico, which meant that it was warm, and the rain was warm! I was actually giddy running in that rain because warm rain is just so bizarre to us here in Alberta, it just doesn't happen! I wasn't quite ready to leave the rain when our taxi drove by, but we decided it was a good time to make our way back to the ship.

We had a great day off the ship in Mexico. There is something truly magical about visiting different places in the world. Everything is different; the sites, the smells, the feeling, the trees, the people, the sounds, the food and the wildlife. I feel so blessed to be able to experience it all.


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