Saturday, 22 February 2014

Second Honeymoon Part VIII: Cruise Nightlife

One of the best parts about the Carnival Cruise was the evenings. Carnival Cruises are definitely geared toward families or a younger crowd, so there was a lot of partying going on.

Every night after our amazing day, we would get all cleaned up and put on some nice clothes and go out for dinner. It was one of my favorite parts about the cruise because it felt like date night every night!

Dining Room
First Night
They would bring a menu and you would order an appetizer and a meal. They had classics that were offered throughout the whole week but other than that they had a new menu offering different entrees every night. Some of my favorite things were the spring rolls, lobster, filet mignon and the yummy soups. Garth's didn't really like the lobster but he was obsessed with fruit. He ate fruit like it was going out of style! We both did a really good job of trying something new every night, other than dessert. I got the same dessert every night, so our waiter always knew exactly what I wanted without even asking: The Chocolate Melting Cake and a plate of fruit. I still dream about that cake sometimes.

They would also try and entertain you by singing and dancing throughout the meal. We made sure to join in when they started dancing to "Low" or "Gangnum Style" haha.

They always had photographers walking around snapping pictures so you always had to make sure you looked super cute while shoving food in your mouth. 

Every day they would put a brochure in your room telling you about all the activities that were going on that day. In that brochure they would tell you what the dress code was for the evening. Most of the time it was business casual, but two of the evenings were "Formal Nights". Everybody interpreted formal night differently, some wore skirts and nice dress pants, some wore tuxedos and fancy gowns. I only brought one dress with me because I was planning on buying a dress in Orlando for the cruise. I found the most gorgeous dress I had ever seen at Nordstroms that I almost bought, but it was way to fancy to wear anywhere else so I didn't. I still dream about that dress too...
I did end up finding another dress. I had to improvise with what I had so I could wear it but I think it worked out and we looked nice and classy together.

Formal Night #1

Formal Night #2
After dinner we would walk around the ship and there would be numerous different backdrops and photographers with giant cameras trying to lure you in so thy can take your picture. We almost always said yes when they asked us because it was really fun. They make you pose in the cheesiest poses. They would post the pictures up in a gallery the next day and we would go and laugh at all our pictures.

One night our photographer was particularly funny. I was in my bathing suit, wet hair, no makeup but I decided "why not". He was a tiny Philippine man who kept making the "rawr" noises and laughing or he would say things like "show me the brrring brrring." It was hilarious so I had to snap a quick picture to remember even though we weren't supposed to.

After dinner there were lots of things to do. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, there were lots of shows, or comedy clubs or kareoke. Sometimes we would just take it easy and go to the spa or hang out forever in the hottubs. But one of my favorite night time activities were the outdoor movies. They would play a movie up on the big screen, pop some popcorn and we would lie out and watch a movie under the stars. The movie we watched was Bourne Legacy. I think this was one of Garth's favorite activities as well because he said he would do this on his last cruise and just wish I was there with him.

My other favorite part about nighttime was the dance parties on the deck! I got some pretty stellar videos of Garth's dance moves.

Here are a couple more pictures from our night time shenanigans:

Every night when we came back to our room for the night there would be a cute little towel creature waiting for us on our bed. They were so cute!

Wearing my sunglasses...

Garth being Garth

Our last night

Everybody was really feeling the love.


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