Monday, 24 February 2014

Second Honeymoon Part X: Didya miss me??

As soon as our vacation ended I was so ready to just get through our last day of travelling and go home. I was just aching to see my baby, who I knew wouldn't be a baby anymore and had surely started walking and talking and probably forgot all about me. I was definitely a little nervous about how he would react to our homecoming.

Our flight to Denver didn't leave until 3ish, so getting off the ship and t the airport was completely stress free.

We ate Chick-fil-a for lunch and read some books until our flight was ready to board. This flight was absolutely the longest flight of the whole trip (only about 4 1/2 hours). We started watching Batman Begins, I felt sick most of the time and I was sitting in the middle seat, which was the worst.

Once we got to Denver we grabbed a burrito and quesadilla at Cantina Grill and some jamba juice. We ended up getting a whole other one for free due to a mix up and we were more than happy to claim it.

The 2 1/2 hour plane ride back to Calgary was pretty turbulent. Once we got there the thing that comes out and connects to the plane that transports you from the plane into the airport was broken or something so we had to wait forever after we landed before we could get off and then when we finally did get off we had to wait an hour and a half for our luggage to show up. I was still feeling really sick so that didn't help. We got our luggage, were greeted by my parents and made our way outside into the cold Canadian winter that I had forgotten all about.

Unfortunately Garth didn't have his winter jacket anymore because he threw it away. When we came to the airport at the beginning of our trip he forgot to leave it in the car and didn't want to lug it around the whole time so he inconspicuously shoved it into a garbage bin at the airport. What a waste haha.

By the time we got back to my parents house it was around 11:30 pm. The very first thing I did was head up to Grant's room to go look at him. I wasn't planning on waking him or anything but I just had to see him. I started freaking out because he looked so GIANT! He was visibly taller and chubbier, almost like all he had been eating the past two weeks was butter. 

The cutest thing happened. He starred stirring and then blinked his eyes open and saw me. He kind of just stared in disbelief like "Am I dreaming?" and then his face broke into a wide grin, he started kicking his legs vigorously and reached for me to pick him up, so of course I had to!

My heart was a melted pile on the floor and I was so relieved that he remembered me and obviously missed me. He kept pushing away from me so he could look up at me and smile, and then his dad came in and he got even more excited.

Everybody kept telling me that it would be hard for him to get adjusted and comfortable with us again but they were wrong. And I am so grateful for that.

It was crazy how much he had changed over only 2 weeks. I finally understood why people would say things like "He is so much bigger!" after being away from him for only a week. When you are with them you just don't see it. He had new habits, new faces, new mannerisms and the majority of his clothes didn't fit anymore.

I am so grateful for the amazing time we had together on our trip. We definitely got our much needed alone time and it really did feel like our "Second Honeymoon".

And now we are grateful to be back with our giant of a child. 

We missed you Grant!


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