Sunday, 9 February 2014

Second Honeymoon Part IV: Shop Till You Drop

After our amazing day at Universal, we woke up feeling very tired haha. Garth was having a hard time shaking his sickness that he had over the christmas break, so we took it easy that morning.

Before the trip, we strategically planned to get a hotel right across the street from the mall so we could walk there whenever we wanted. Once we got there we bought some smoothies and then we bought some soup and a gourmet panini from "Nature's Table Cafe". I was super impressed that they had "healthier options" in the food court because we were both not in the mood for fast food.

Then we got busy shopping! I was excited to go to The Florida Mall because it is one of the largest single-story malls in the USA.

They had lots of stores that I wanted to go to as well as lots of upscale stores and department stores I wanted to look around in. 

January was a really good time to shop because all of the amazing sales. Victoria's Secret was good to us and I bought some pajamas (that I now live in) among other goodies.

I died over all the gorgeous dresses in Nordstrom! I was so tempted to take one home with me, but it was too fancy to wear to church so I had no idea where or when I would wear it.

Our favorite stores of the day were Macy's (crazy sales!) and J.C. Penney. My favorite purchases were my pajamas (obvi), my VS purchases, my new shirts, a dress, yoga pants and some black heels I have been looking for forever. Garth loved his new swim trunks for the cruise, his spandex and new tie.

I was so impressed with how well he did shopping allll day. Garth is a really fun shopping partner because he actually cares about my fashion sense and tries to learn the "terms". He will go into a store and walk out with something for me and I will always love it. He bought my new coral yoga pants without me there and he is always buying me clothes online and surprising me. I never ever thought I would be lucky enough to have a husband that enjoys shopping with me, so I am very grateful for that!

Let me just say this, one day was not enough time to get through that place, but we sure tried! Near the end of the night before closing, I had to sprint across the WHOLE mall to go buy the things we put on hold. So I am very aware of how big it is.

Afterwards, we walked over to Ross Dress for Less and tried sorting through the big, disorganized mess that it was. We eventually gave up and headed to T.G.I. Friday's for a late dinner.

We finished off the night at Walgreens to stock up on some last minute supplies before the cruise. We board tomorrow!


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