Thursday, 20 August 2015

Our Escape to the Mountains

Since we were all together again, we decided to take a little trip before our busy summer started. We rented a place up in Canmore for 4 days and it was exactly what we needed. There is just something about being in the mountains that makes you cozy and tucked away from the rest of the world.

The one scary thing about our place was Grant could pull the door handles open. So not only could he get out of his room, but he could get out of our whole room, push the elevator button get in the elevator, go down, push the handicap button to open the doors into the parkade. We would lock our door but it was like a hotel door so if you pull the handle it would unlock. This meant we always had to be watching him when we were home, and it also made bedtime extra hard.

We had so much fun exploring all the beauty that surrounded us. We went to Lake Louise, Banff, and we went to check out my grandparents old house in Canmore that we used to go every Christmas and Easter. we loved exploring downtown banff, eating yummy food and stopping in so many beautiful spots to take pictures.

My favorite times were when we relaxed together as a family in the hot tub, or just in our little place away from the rest of the world.

Our new favorite discovery: Frozen Yogurt and any other toppings you could think of on top of Waffles and Crepes. So good!!

My grandparents old Canmore house. The house I would wake up in every christmas morning. I miss it so much!


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