Monday, 17 August 2015

"I Speak For the Trees!"

Grant's favourite movie of all time is The Lorax. 

Any time we let him watch a show he asks for "Lo-grass??" So I have probably watched it at least over 50 times in the last 2 years.

Coming up with a theme was so easy this year because I knew without a doubt he needed a Lorax Birthday Party.

This year it was a completely different (but just as awesome) crowd than his first birthday party because we were in Calgary. Luckily I planned to have way more food than I needed because over 50 people showed up to wish Grant a happy birthday, way more than expected. He is one loved little boy!

The photo booth was a huge hit and a great way to take pictures with the birthday boy.

Grant was really into it... first.

I couldn't believe how many new toys/clothes/books he was spoiled with.

Grant's favorite part about his party (besides his new toys) was the "Seuss Juice". He wouldn't put it down long enough to blow out his candles.

Asher slept through the party but made his debut near the end.

My main goal of throwing Grant this birthday party was so he could see and feel how many people loved and cared about him and I know he had so much fun. I was so grateful for the turnout of people who came to celebrate this amazing little dude. Eventually, like every two year old would, he expired and I had to put him to bed before the party ended.

Here he is at the start...

And here he is near the end, a little dazed, hyped up on sugar and beyond exhausted!

I love my little two year old!


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