Monday, 17 August 2015

Grant is Two!


Grant is two! 

We had a pretty fun-filled day of celebrating.

Once Grant woke up, we lured him downstairs to open all his birthday presents!

He was obviously more interested in the balloons though.

Then we spent the rest of the morning/afternoon playing with his new toys, eating bubbles in the bath...

That evening, Jaymee joined us as we went out to Crave to buy some cupcakes, McDonalds for a happy meal and then Fun 'n More for even more playing. 

Once we got home, we sang "Happy to you..." as Grant would call it.

It was such a fun day and a good warm up for his birthday party on the weekend.


A LETTER FOR GRANT {on his 2nd birthday}:


I love this picture of you because I feel like it describes you perfectly: goofy, sweet, happy, hilarious and always on the go. You make your presence known the moment you walk into a room and your charm is undeniable. I guess that is why random strangers try to kiss you and take pictures of you at the park haha. Your hugs and kisses are the best party of my day and my favorite thing to do is watch you sit and read a book. You make everyday an adventure, some are harder than others, but they are adventures I never want to forget. This picture also terrifies me because it was taken only 4 months ago and you have changed an overwhelming amount already. I promise to not get too worked up about it if you promise to always love me as much as you do now haha. Thanks for making me a mom. Happy 2nd Birthday Grant, I love you more than words can say!

Love Mom 

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