Tuesday, 18 August 2015

April Shenanigans, Good Friday & Easter Sunday

This post is mainly just some cute pictures of some really cute boys...

...kinda like all my posts lately!

They see me rollin...

Park with Auntie Jaymee

Out for Chinese with Grandma and "GG"

Just the cutest two year old in the world all dressed up for church!

A comparison of Grant and Garth around his age.

Bass Pro Shop with Charlie

Celebrating Grandpa Paxman's 85th Birthday!

Addressing Wedding Invitations as a bridal party

For Good Friday, we went over to my Grandma/pa Paxman's house for dinner. It was a nice surprise seeing family that we don't get to see very often, including my second cousins Kalina and Janae.

We ate a yummy dinner, played outside, took pictures and had an easter egg hunt!

Easter Morning on Sunday was a lot of fun. Asher slept while Grant found his easter basket. It was so incredibly cute watching his little face light up once he found it. He immediately pulled "floppy" out and gave him lots of hugs and he couldn't get all the candy into his mouth fast enough. 

We then headed over to my Grandma/pa Peterson's. We had a yummy dinner, took pictures and you guessed it... had another Easter egg hunt!

It was the best possible Easter we could of had without Daddy being there, we missed him so much!


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