Monday, 10 August 2015


January was the perfect month, exactly what we planned and needed. Garth graduated in December and planned on taking the semester off so we thought it would be the perfect time to have a baby...and it was.

Garth spent New Years Day with Grant and his brothers watching football while I stayed home and fed Asher all day while watching Gilmore Girls haha.

We took a trip up to Calgary when Asher was 3 weeks old to get his newborn pictures taken. While we were up there, Asher got to meet lots of family, friends and neighbours.

I also took the opportunity to spend some quality time with Grant which I very desperately needed.

We also had lots of visitors in Lethbridge.

I loved all the lazy days we spent at home as a family.

Grant wasn't so thrilled about the matching onesies...

We were so excited when Asher rolled over at one month old!

We put Grant in his snowsuit from last christmas and he looked cute. Our cute little marsh mellow.

Garth & Grant went swimming at Nicholas Sheran Pool with Dallon and Amy while Asher and I watched from the sidelines...for post partum mother reasons. Lame, but I'm glad they had fun. 

Yep, there's a baby hiding in there...

The boys loved watching basketball together. I think Grant's favorite part was playing with the basketball at half time.

Grant was a good sport, but there is only so much shopping a little boy can handle.

But he will get off the floor for ice cream!

I love how much Grant loves to read and that he has started "reading out loud". The first book he started reading out loud was "Fox in Sox".

Grant finally accepted the fact that Asher was going to be sticking around awhile and has started showing him more love.

Here is Asher ready for church. I love the faces he makes when he is waking up. It's the only time I see some Grant in him.

I still can't believe this cute little one is mine.


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