Friday, 17 January 2014

Snow days, Family Time and my Favorite Birthday Boy

This Christmas Season was magical.

Having a kid makes Christmas that much better!

This December we were hit with a lot of snow which resulted in A LOT of snow days and A LOT of christmas movies. It was so fun to have the chance to relax together as a family. We actually had one "real" snow day where the whole city pretty much shut down and school was cancelled.

Every year we look forward to the Christmas Devotional, where our church leaders give amazing talks. They help us remember the real reason for the season, our Savior Jesus Christ. We usually go to the church to watch it but because of all the snow we watched it from home this year.

Every year we love going to the Christmas Trade Show. It is so fun checking out all the cool homemade products, the great food and stocking up on Scentsy! We bought Grant a homemade wooden train set for Christmas.

Grant also got to Meet Santa and Mrs. Claus 

Another fun event during this season is our Church Ward Christmas Party. Garth got asked to MC last minute and I was supposed to sing a song but I got really sick and couldn't go. Garth decided 5 minutes before leaving for the party that he was going to sing in my place. I am really sad I missed it because I heard from so many people how awesome he did. 


Christmas time means lots of time with friends and family! 

It was Garth's brother Nathan's 40th Birthday this month so all of his brothers went up to Edmonton and surprised him for his birthday. They went and shot guns, raced go karts and went out for Mexican food!

Grant and Uncle Nathan

Uncle Neil and Georgia 

Starbucks/Chapters Date with my boys

Watching The Muppets Christmas Carol! We had the family over to see our new place, eat treats and hangout, it was so great!
Christmas Baking with Rachel! I should also mention that she is newly engaged to her now fiance Adam and I am so excited for them!!

Just Dance Party with Eric and Katie! I obviously lost because I am a horrible dancer haha.

On December 16th, Garth turned 25! I always like to make his birthday a big deal because he absolutely spoils me rotten on mine every year. We had German pancakes (his request) for breakfast and then opened presents. He got some new nice white dress shirts for church and an SD card for his phone. Grant also gave him a Denver Broncos hat that he knew daddy had his eye on. 

After that we went out for some Japanese food at Makisu Sushu and then took some family pics.

That night Jessica watched Grant so we could go see The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. We both loved it and thought it was so much better than the first one. When we got home we had Birthday Cheesecake. He said it was his favorite birthday yet!

I love this birthday boy. Sometimes I have to  remind myself that I married this wonderful man and that he is my husband and I get excited all over again. Everytime. How did I end up with the most handsome man ever? I don't know, but I'm not complaining ;) 

Happy Birthday Garth!


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  1. "Sometimes I have to remind myself that I married this wonderful man and that he is my husband and I get excited all over again. Everytime. How did I end up with the most handsome man ever?" Twelve years later and I still feel this way. I don't ever want it to not feel that way.