Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Second Honeymoon Part I: Hello Orlando, It's nice to see you.

Early New Years Eve morning, after 3 measly hours of sleep, Garth and I pulled ourselves out of bed and in a daze got ready to leave for the airport. When it was time to leave we realized that we were both wearing the exact same outfit, a plaid shirt and black jeans. We both thought it was hilarious but neither of us wanted to change so we ended up being twinners for the day.

Before we left, we snuck into Grant's room to get one last peek before we headed out. as my eyes adjusted to the dark, I realized his hands and feet were going crazy, which happens every morning when you go in to get him up for the day. I really didn't like the idea that we would leave and he would wake up and we would be gone for 2 weeks so I was more than happy to pick him up and smother him with some last minute goodbyes before we took off. With one last smile before he started to devour his morning bottle I was ready to leave him. That send off was exactly what I needed.

Everything went quickly and smoothly at customs and after grabbing some Tim Horton's for breakfast, we were on our flight to Houston departing at 8:30.

We both slept most of the way there and woke up in time for landing 4 hours later. We listened to the song "Seat Backs and Tray Tables Up" by Fountains of Wayne as we landed. This time around, I got the window seat because Garth had already been to Houston before. 

In Houston, we had a bit of a lay over, so we went and got some lunch and explored the airport. When you are walking through the airport there is a spot where you could suddenly hear yourself talking really loud. When you look up you see you are under a dome that amplifies your voice due to its acoustics. 

At 5:35 we took off to Orlando. This time Garth got the window seat because he had never bee to Orlando before. It worked out perfectly. We spent most of the flight watching She's the Man. at 8:51 we arrived in Orlando, ending our long day of travel. As for the time change, we were only 2 hours ahead. 

So far, that was the easiest, most relaxing travel day I had ever had. We contacted our hotel and got a shuttle to come pick us up. As we were waiting outside (in the warm, humid, air...surrounded by palm trees...) we found a $50 bill. We asked around and nobody claimed it. Lets just say we were a lot more generous with our tips after that (even when they didn't deserve it haha). On the ride to the hotel, I couldn't believe how big the Orlando Airport is. We were driving for like 10 minutes and we were still technically at the airport. There were lots of fireworks going off all night, which was my only reminder that it was New Years Eve, otherwise I probably would have forgotten.

Once we got to our hotel, we were SO hungry, and every restaurant was closed! We were so hungry that we decided to make the 5 minute walk down the street to McDonalds before midnight came around.We got back to the hotel, ate our last meal of 2013,and watched the ball drop in NYC before we zonked out.

Goodbye Houston...

Hello Orlando!

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