Friday, 17 January 2014

9 Months

I figure I should get around to writing this since he is 10 months old next week so...
here is Grant's 9 month update:

  • Dec 17:
  •      21 lbs 8 1/2 oz. (between 50 and 75th)
         19 inch/ 48 cm head circumference
         29 inches in length  (above 75%)
  • He has started trying to pull himself up on things.
  • He stands while holding onto furniture.
  • He started clapping and once he discovered he could do it, he did it 24/7 for 2 days straight.
  • He dances, and by that I mean he bobs up and down when music plays.
  • He is moving/crawling backwards.
  • Laughs all the time but without fail every single time you put him down in his crib to nap or sleep.
  • In the evenings, anytime Garth sees a cute picture of Grant or hers a cute story he always asks me if he can go wake him up to be with him. It's really cute.
  • He has officially outgrown his old carseat and moved into a bigger one. He doesn't like it very much and neither do I. It was a lot easier to transfer him in and out of the car in the other one. But then again, I would probably break myself if I kept carrying him around in that any longer.
Goodbye carseat!
  • Anytime he is in the living room he always makes his way over to the tree and either crawls under it or pulls the ornaments off.
  • He SMILES for the camera! I almost died when he did it the first time and he does it all the time now. Anytime you take a picture of him with a flash he will smile when he sees the flash. It is the CUTEST thing ever.
  • He has started growling.
  • He did the funniest thing ever this month. I was cooling down after a workout and he woke up and Garth brought him down to hang out with me. I looked over and he was copying me as I was stretching. I laughed so hard and he still kept it up for the longest time.
  • He had the hugest blow out at church this month which resulted in him having to wear his sweater vest as a wife beater. So classy.

  • His top 3 teeth are coming in. The front two are visible (So he now has almost 5 teeth. He is an amazing teether, so far the only way I can tell he is teething is if he is drooling like mad. I would much prefer a happy baby with a soaked shirt than a crabby baby though so I am counting my blessings!
  • His laugh has changed. It sounds less like a baby laugh and more like a real laugh. 

He is such a funny kid and I love how much his personality shines through as he grows and is able to express himself in more ways. We love him!


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