Thursday, 23 January 2014

Christmas Time is Here!

Let me just say that Christmas is the best with a little baby to celebrate with.

It was so fun watching him open his stocking, inspect things, throw things, stick things in his mouth haha

Trying on his new bear slippers

"I'm going for it!"

Aaaaand my favorite picture from that day...

KERPLUNKKKKK! (thanks Jocy!)

Afterwards we moved into the piano room to open presents under the tree. 

One of my favorite presents for Grant this year was this handmade train.

This girl has a serious obsession with Julie Andrews haha 
Pretty wrapping
Statement Necklaces! 
His first piano!
He knew exactly what to do.

Grant wasn't nearly as excited as Grandma was about the Michael Buble tickets.

It's funny how as soon as you have a child in your life, Christmas morning becomes all about them and all you care about is seeing them happy. I know it will only get better every year as our family grows.

Loving his new toys

Our board game selection significantly grew this Christmas
At 4 o clock we headed over to Grandpa and Grandma Peterson's house for a delicious dinner.

This fibre optic tree has been my favorite ever since they bought it for their house in Canmore. We used to spend every Christmas in Canmore before they sold the house so this tree brings back so many amazing memories. Grant thought it was really cool too.

After dinner/dessert, we got out the handbells, like we do every year, and played Christmas songs. I loved how much Grant loved playing the bells!

I loved our first Christmas as a family of 3!


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