Friday, 9 August 2013

Our Calgary Visit.

I always enjoy going back to home to visit, but this time I was excited because I was going for the whole week! I am always so impressed with Grant and how well he travels and I definitely feel very grateful for that. He usually sleeps most of the time and when he's not sleeping, he's just sitting there quietly looking around. I love watching him in his little mirror, I swear that kid has like a million different facial expressions haha. I always stop halfway through the drive and get him out of his carseat for a little break. Due to poor planning on my part, we hit Calgary around 5. Right smack dab in the middle of rush hour. I was mad at myself for once again letting myself get stuck in that situation and Grant was getting pretty frustrated too by that point (which was totally fair). He cried for about 30 mins straight and then when I finally made it to my parents house, I brought him inside and we were greeted by lots of happy faces and he immediately turned into the happiest little boy. He just LOVES being the centre of attention!

Ladies man...

Jayla visiting from Houston!

So loved. He was never put down. ever.

Cuddling with Grandpa after his bath

Grant's favorite spot in the house. Mikayla's bed.

Airplane rides!

It was so great just catching up with family and relaxing the first night. The next day, my mom, Carissa, Mikayla, Jayla, Grant and I all went to Cross Iron Mills because I hadn't been there in years! I was so impressed! They had a mother's room with gliders, footstools, changetables etc. I felt so comfortable breastfeeding in such a public place. Every mall should have a room like that! We ended up shopping allll day. It was a successful shopping trip, but I was most excited about the baby book that my mom bought Grant :) I had been eyeing that one for a long time. 

On Wednesday, all (almost all!) of my Forsyth sisters and their kids came to my Grandparents house for a pool day! It was especially exciting because I hadn't seen most of them since April! 

Grant and Ella.
He's not quite sure about her yet. But little does he know, they are going to be best friends!

And we can't forget about Charlie! These 3 were all born within 4 months. I am so grateful that Grant has cousins so close in age to play with very soon! And in 3 months, Michelle's little girl will join in... can't wait!!

I have spent so much time around this one this summer, LOVE HIM!

Loving the water!

Lazzzy Days

Cute girls!

Thinking about swimming... HMMM should I?

More cute girls!
Since Jessica was born a day before my 2nd birthday, we always get to celebrate our birthdays together! A lot of people think that would suck, but it is actually the best! We enjoyed having joint birthday parties, pool parties, and now that we're older we love 
'taking each other out" for our birthday dinner. At Kinjo of course, where else?

Grant discovering his musical abilities.

Meeting Great-Grandma Paxman finally! (ps- what is up with those socks??)

Chatting with Great-Grandpa.

Pool time with Grandma! 
I love going home because it is so fun seeing my parents as grandparents..they are only a little excited about it! It is kind of nice when your mom wants to change all of the diapers and play with him while your dad is always holding him and singing "We Are the Champions" and "I'm a Little Teapot". He is a very loved little boy.

Aunty Jess
Those cute little fingers are always shoved so far into his mouth

And of course we couldn't leave without seeing Aunt Jaymee!

Good to be home! We missed this guy (and my bed) way to much!


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