Friday, 9 August 2013

July! (A picture update)

Canada Day was way more chill then I am used to but that is quite alright. We hung out with some wives at the spray park and then later that night we went out for dinner with the guys at Earls. I had been wanting ice cream all day so on the way home we stopped at DQ. Unfortunately, being a holiday the drive thru was ridiculously long and Grant was getting pretty fussy. I really wanted ice cream so I took him out and entertained him while Garth went through and got our treats :)

The next day, Grant, Eleni and I went to the Millcreek Pool and it was honestly one of my favorite days of the summer. I loved just getting to sit and talk and swim together.

Rachel and her boyfriend Adam came to Edmonton for a visit. So fun!

One of my best friends, Maggie got married! Grant and I went to the temple to see her and her husband Dale. Maggie looked absoutely stunning and they are such an adorable couple. I am so ecstatic for her.

I always get a little teary-eyed watching the "first dance". Even though Garth was working, I still had a date to the wedding. How lucky am I?

For our May Vivint contest, our reward was a night out together at Olive Garden!

For our July "Vivint Wives" talent competition, we had to make a video displaying our talents. We wrote some lyrics and sang and danced to Taylor Swift's song 22. As embarrassing as some people thought it was, we won a SPA DAY!!! So embarrassing or not... it was worth it :)

My very first Donair ever. Sooooo good. 

 Baby showers are too boring for this one. Been there, done that.

Jeff came to visit and brought Grant a present from BYU :)

The boys trying to squash ants with their sticks haha.

I am lucky that I get to spend so much time with Michelle. She is such an amazing woman and I am so grateful she is my sister. The past two years we have lived right across the alley from them and now we live right across the hall for the summer! I just love having family around and I love Porter and Rigby and how much they entertain little Grant. 

With the little time we get to spend together as a family this summer, we try to make the most of it by going on walks and exploring Edmonton. This is us at the Legislature Building.

We found the cutest neighbourhood with raspberry bushes growing out of people's yards. The owner gave us permission to pick, and so we picked! Both my parents and grandparents had raspberry bushes in their backyards and so I had flashbacks to my childhood summers.

Grant and I like to go for walks around our neighbourhood.

Sunday Night Smores.



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