Thursday, 1 August 2013

Four Months Old!

Grant is 4 months old!

Here are some little tidbits about this special boy:

  • He is in size 3 Diapers.
  • Out of 0-3 month clothes except one pair of pants, the rest are 3-6, 6 and 6-12.
  • Weighs in around 16 pounds. (No official record this month).
  • Can hold his head up very steady.
  • He always has his fingers in his mouth, Sometimes he manages to fit all of them in, but usually just two fingers. Sometimes he even gags himself haha.
  • Can roll over from his stomach to his back.

  • We are starting to see some more hair growth.

  • He has the chubbiest little thighs.

  • He loves to sit in his little chair, although you can tell it still takes some work to sit up.

  • Grasps toys/rattle when given to him.
  • Always squealing like a little girl.
  • Played the piano for the very first time.
  • He LOVES to talk. He is always talking/cooing...
  • He has a good laugh at least once a day. Still gets hiccups after at least 90% of the time.
  • Prefers to stand on his legs when being held.
  • Loves being upside down for some strange reason. 

  • Favorite toy: his froggy. Although he would much rather play with people then with toys.
  • Loves being wrapped up in a blanket and cuddled. You know when he is comfy because he will just sit still for the longest time and won't make a sound. 
  • Loves the water. You can tell because he gets really calm and quiet and looks around very fascinated when he is in the swimming pool. 
  • He has stopped spitting up as much and moved on to drooling.
  • He will put anything you give him in his mouth, including your hands, arms etc...
  • His bedtime routine consists of a bath, brushing gums, brushing hair, lotion massage, stories, songs, swaddling and his teddybear Dixon. We say goodnight to Mom, goodnight to Dad and goodnight to Dixon. This starts around 8:30 and he is usually out by 9:30. 

  • He has found his toes and decided that he is never letting go! He even likes to stick them in his mouth.
  • Found his ticklish spots on his sides.
  • Smiles really wide when you pretend to "eat him" and nibble on his ears, cheeks etc.
  • When you put him in his bed and he wakes up, He lifts up his feet and then SLAMS them down as hard as he can to let you know he is not happy.
  • Tried out his exersaucer for the first time this month.
  • He goes Silent and smiles whenever I start clapping out rhythms
  • He NEEDS your attention. He loves attention and he definitely gets a lot of attention!

So far, this month has been my absolute favourite. Grant is such a happy baby and I genuinely enjoy hanging out with him all summer long. I love waking up to him in the morning, playing, going outside, reading books, singing, playing guitar, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, you name it. We do everything together, and I absolutely adore this boy!

Best Friends <3


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