Friday, 2 August 2013


So, I love my birthday. I know a lot of people think the cool thing to do is care less about your birthday as you get older, but you guys, it's one day of the year where it's all about you! Admittedly, I love attention (name a performer who doesn't), and so I get really excited for my birthday every year. 

Growing up, my parents always made a big deal out of my birthdays and I always felt so special. Luckily, I have a husband who also likes to make a big deal out my special day!

On my birthday I woke up to Garth serenading me on the guitar, singing Happy Birthday. Afterwards, he presented me with a cute little gift basket and a tiara (of course!). In the gift basket was some of my favourite treats and the sweetest card from Garth. He always writes the sweetest love notes, but this one was one of my favourites that he has ever given me. He then revealed my birthday present to me which was a crazy shopping spree! That is like every girls dream that I can now cross off my bucket list. Since having a baby and going from maternity clothes back into my normal clothes, I felt like I needed a change. Not only has my style changed a little since last year, but my boobs are too big to fit a lot of my old clothes and my hips are bigger as well (I've been told that goes away, but not quick enough). So needless to say I was desperate for new clothes and I was SO excited to go shopping. I spent the morning jumping up and down yelling "It's my birthday!" or "Are you serious??" or "IS THIS REAL LIFE?" 

Best. Drink. Ever.

Love this guy more than anything!

First, we went to Cora's for Breakfast. I could live the rest of my life eating breakfast food so going out for breakfast is my favorite. When we came home there were balloons all over our apartment! Although she has't owned up to it, I know it was Amy. I was also suprised with cupcakes at my door from Eleni and a "singing Candygram" from Michelle and the boys! I even got birthday love from family back in Southern Alberta and Calgary. I have the sweetest friends and family!

Side note: Are these girls not gorgeous??? 

After Garth left for work, Amy, Grant and I headed to the mall and shopped till we dropped. Not only do I have so much fun with her, she made shopping with a baby so much easier haha. It was a successful trip and I feel so greatful for my new wardrobe! 

When Garth got home from work we went out for dinner to BP's. Since it is usually the only place close to our house and open late, we have been there a lot this summer and we always have the same waitress. I was too stuffed for dessert but she snuck some brownies in with our leftovers :)

I had such a fun first birthday with Grant, it was so amazing to have him around! Especially when I think back to my 22nd birthday, the day I found out I was pregnant with him. So much has happened in a year. I never imagined then how happy I could actually be.

You know how people ask you if you feel any older? Well this year I definetly do. Maybe its because I can no longer dance around singing 22 by Taylor Swift or maybe it's because I'm a mom and I'm
supposed to be all mature now. Who knows. But I do know that I had a fantastic day and that this is going to be my best year yet. I can feel it.


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