Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Best Two Years.

Garth and I have been married for two years! It feels like I have just met him and yet at the same time it feels as if I have known him my whole life. I have the most loving and wonderful husband and I couldn't be happier! I plan to write more about Garth later, but for now I want to write about our awesome anniversary getaway!

After our wonderful wedding reception 2 years ago, before we left for our Honeymoon, we spent the night at the Sandman Jacuzzi Suite. We were so impressed with how nice it was, and we were super stoked to have a Jacuzzi in our room, it was so fun!

On our one year anniversary, Garth surprised me by taking me back to Sandman Jacuzzi Suite for the weekend. It was so perfect because not only was it meaningful to us, but we got to spend a full 48 hours together!! Due to the nature of Garth's job, the summers are very busy and time together is limited, so it was exactly what both of us needed!

This year, for our 2nd year anniversary, we decided to carry on the tradition in Edmonton. It was a little different having Grant around but just as fun! We ordered room service, watched movies, watched our wedding slideshow and spent lots of time in the Jacuzzi! Even Grant went in and LOVED it. 

 Grant's first Disney Movie

I feel so blessed to be married to this guy. He is my everything and I can't wait for the next 60+ years. 

Oh ya, and then Eternity <3


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