Monday, 3 June 2013

The Fab Four.

I have some pretty great cousins, some pretty crappy cousins, some cousins I never see.  I have older cousins with kids of their own, and cousins much younger than me. I have a cousin who is the funniest guy I have ever met, and I may have a cousin or two that I wish I could forget. I have cousins that stand by me no matter which direction I'm hurled. Yes, I have the best two cousins in the whole entire world.

(Don't judge me. I wrote that in like 2 minutes.)

Introducing.... The FAB FOUR!

These 3 girls in this picture are my best friends. We have grown up together since we were babies (well obviously Jessica, I meant Jocy and Erica as well). We worked as slave labourers together in Grandma's basement as we helped prepare for her craft shows. (I wonder how many bridles we actually  made?) We were princesses and princes that were captured by an evil witch (grandma). We stayed up endless nights at grandma's house, listening to her stories, telling stories of our own and sometimes just giggling for no reason hours on end because we were way too overtired.

I love these girls and here are a couple reasons why:

I love that we have been by each others side since Day One. 

I love that we spent our childhoods together, using our imaginations and dreaming up wonderful realities. We never stopped playing and we were never bored.

I loved going over to Grandma's house for family dinners together and then spending most of our time coming up with elaborate plans on how to convince our mom's to let us have a sleepover.

I love how we can tell each other things we normally wouldn't tell many people and know that we won't be judged.

I love that everybody KNOWS how much we love each other and they always say things like "I wish I  had cousins like that."

I love that they can make a boring holiday FUN!

I love how they made t-shirts and weren't too embarrassed to dress up like twihards with me on opening night. (Seriously, I don't know anybody else who would be willing to do stuff like that with me).

I love how most of the time we spend together is spent laughing our heads off. About what? I can't remember, but who cares.

I love that we spent so much of our time together creating things. Whether it be forced (crafts) or our own ideas.

I love how we can watch a movie, and spend the next couple of months quoting and singing songs from that movie and never get sick of it, because we all loved it THAT MUCH. (Don't go breaking my, don't go breaking my....)

I love how when I think about the most fun weekend I ever had, I think about them.

I love how finding some nerf guns in a closet at 3 in the morning turns into an all out epic battle. Seriously, I was so terrified.

I love how they can EVEN make a YSA dance fun

I love how we can get together again after months of being apart and just pick up where we left off.

I love how we acted out the Phantom of the Opera together when we were young. We forced everybody into the living room to watch us with our paper masks, costumes and I am sure less than perfect opera voices. (This is us re-creating a picture from when we were younger)

I love coming back to Calgary to spend time with friends, and end up spending all my time with them. 

I love that we can stay strong together through all the Christmas Eve drama that seems to happen EVERY year haha.

I love that one Saturday night we randomly decide to dress up and make a Ke$ha video... and then spent hours watching it and laughing at ourselves.

I love how perfectly our group balances. Jessica Erica and I were the crazy ones who always wanted to break the rules, stay up later than we were supposed to and have fun all the time. Jocelyn has always been the mama bear of our group, always making sure we didn't go too overboard. Or at least make us clean up our messes.Don't get me wrong though, Jocelyn can get pretty crazy too ;) We love that about her.

I love that they support me in every way possible. Especially with my music, and that means so much to me!

I love how loving and friendly they are to everyone. When I got married, they not only kept hanging out with an old married woman, they completely embraced the Forsyth family and we can all hangout together and have a blast.

I love that they will dance with me in a fountain in front of a bunch of strangers. And then film it and put it on youtube for a bunch of other strangers to see.

I love spending summer days/nights with them.

I love that they will come with me on a spontaneous road trip to Great Falls to drop Garth off, just so I don't have to drive back pregnant and alone (well..still pregnant, just not alone.. you know what I meant.)

I love how weird we all are in our own ways. Jocelyn with her "nerd lisp" (It's just me guys, it's just me! or " And then we can have a schleepover *slurp*) Jessica with her hilarious embarrassing videos she takes of herself on my computer, Erica with her over the top laugh and hilarious stories. And me, well, I'm sure they have some things to say about my weirdness.

I love how excited we are for each other during the exciting times in our lives (graduation, music, sports, making a baby...hey, thats an accomplishment right?)

I love the walks to the park together.

I love how beautiful and talented they are.

I love the long nights of dressing up, picture taking, music, card games, and cheating at Settlers because that game just takes too fetching long.

I love that "this" happens. More frequently than you'd think.

I love how much they love my baby. Enough said.

So I think it's safe to say that I am the luckiest. I have have amazing family (obviously). Sometimes I feel like I have 5 sisters haha. (Mikayla not pictured). 


PS- Happy birthday Erica!


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