Sunday, 9 October 2016

Our Calgary Summer (Part 2)

We went to Prince's Island Park and fed the ducks with Cynthia and Charlie. We started throwing bread into the water for the ducks and before we knew it all these Canadian geese started swimming over and I wasn't prepared for how aggressive they were. I love this picture of Charlie because it looks like he is going to pummel any bird who comes close.

We also enjoyed our first couple of lake day at Lake Bonavista where they got to try out their cute new swim trunks!

We got to spend quite a bit of time with Aunt Jaymee this summer which was such a blessing. This particular day we went to the splash pad and then experienced the yummiest gelato of all time. I definitely had to throw Grant's shirt away afterwards (there was no hope), but it was worth it.

Grant got a bike, a tricycle and a scooter for his birthday this year so we brought them with us and had some fun.

We also found the Airdrie spray park! It was a nice break when we didn't want to go far but still wanted to cool off.

Walking through this lazy river was their favorite part.

The boys really enjoyed exploring Fish creek park, playing with sticks, skipping rocks and running down the paths. Grant kept hiding in the tall grass pretending to be "a lion".

Garth continued to work super hard and we are SO grateful for his work ethic. Grant always wants to be just like his daddy.

Despite his summer hours, we were actually really blessed with the time we did have together as a family and we used our time very efficiently. Our mornings and Sundays were dedicated to exploring new neighbourhoods, new parks and checking out the downtown attractions.

Gym Childcare was my saving grace this summer. I don't know how i functioned without all those hours to myself every week. It kept us all a little happier and a little more sane haha.

Asher developed the funniest personality and has the best faces. He is such a goofy and happy little guy.

We all seriously had such a fun Father's Day! After hanging out at our new favorite spot, we went to my Grandparent's house where the boys were in heaven playing with their cousins and eating pie with daddy.

He really is the best dad to our boys. He always knows exactly what they need and is way more patient than I could ever imagine being. I am a better persona and parent because of his example in my life. Plus he is the hottest baby daddy around so that's just icing on the cake.

A couple of summers ago we left our bocce ball set at a park and Garth has been missing it ever since. We gave him a new set for Father's Day and had a lot of fun (trying) to play it with the boys this summer.

One of my favorite mornings of the whole summer was the first morning we discovered the splash pad at Central Memorial Park was up and running. We weren't planning on getting wet that day but luckily I always keep a couple extra swim trunks in the car so we pulled them out and splashed around all morning. I never want to forget how much fun we all had that morning before we dropped dad off at work.


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