Sunday, 16 October 2016

Canada Day

On Canada Day we decided to go meet up with a bunch of my family members at Prince's Island Park to enjoy the festivities. It was insanely busy, but once we found the kid's area both the boys had a lot of fun.

I had so much fun watching Grant during his first Tug-of-war. He was so into it and he did such a good job haha.

Canada Day is one of the most exciting days of the summer for us because Garth gets off work early! We met up with him, walked around downtown, played at the park and then found an awesome hill to watch the fireworks. Some of my favorite memories from this summer were of this night. Watching these two boys interact and talk with each other, as they sat side by side looking out over the city, was the best thing I have witnessed in a long time. They were both so funny and they were killing us with everything they did. You know that awesome feeling where your cheeks and your abs are so sore from smiling and laughing? Nothing better than that.

By the time the fireworks started they were both done with sitting on that hill, but I wasn't ready to leave yet because a crazy lightning story started and it was actually way cooler than the fireworks haha.


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