Sunday, 16 October 2016

Grandma's Garden Party

My Grandma Paxman turned 80 this January so my mom's family decided to get together this summer to celebrate her birthday. They threw a garden party in her backyard, invited all her friends and family and put on a short program singing some of her favorite songs. All the older granddaughters were in charge or decorating and we had so much fun doing it! 

If anyone knows my Grandma, they would agree with me when I say she is the craziest, silliest lady and the most giving of her time. She most definitely deserves to be celebrated!

Growing up, we spent countless hours at Grandma's house and driving around in her van. My Grandma is from Switzerland so she would always play the same swiss cd on repeat and we all complained and asked her if we could listen to the radio instead. She never gave in and after awhile we ended up loving that music, especially one particular song. We really wanted to sing this song for her at her party so the day of, after all the decorations were done, we went downstairs to the basement and spent a couple of hours learning how to sing in German. It turned out going better than we ever could have expected and she loved it so much. It is such a new special memory that I never want to forget.

There is nothing better than spending time with family, and this was definitely a night for the books!


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