Sunday, 31 July 2016

Two Little Hunters.

After spending last Easter apart, we were so excited to celebrate with Daddy this year. Since Good Friday landed on Grant's birthday this year, we saved our Easter activities for after. We spent Saturday morning decorating our Easter eggs before heading to Jace and Vicky's house for a big Easter egg hunt with all of the cousins. I had fun helping sort the candy and hiding the eggs in the park across the street, but when I came back Grant was asleep on the couch and so he missed the hunt. Once he woke up, we re-hid a bunch of eggs so he could find them.


After the hunts, we went to the Sugar Bowl to roll eggs. Grant was in heaven running around with his cousins and Asher loved chucking the eggs down the hill. He has already developed quite the arm and he spent most of the time trying to steal everybody else's eggs once his were gone.

After dinner we got in the car and headed for Calgary. We went to church Sunday morning and when we got back we had the boys find their Easter baskets! There were trails of chocolate/candy left from the Easter Bunny to give them hints but it only ended up distracting them haha. Once all the loose candy was out of sight, they found their baskets and they were so cute looking through all their little goodies! 

Last Easter, Asher was 3 months old, not even old enough to sit up, let alone run around and eat chocolate eggs so it was especially fun watching him enjoy all the fun this year!

Afterwards, we headed to my Grandparents house for dinner and yet another Easter egg hunt. How many are we at now??

Kids make every holiday so much better and having two little hunters this year made it one amazing Easter weekend!


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