Friday, 29 July 2016

Hurricanes, Kung Fu and a Bicycle.

Grant turned 3 years old! 

When he woke up on his birthday he came downstairs to a ton of balloons and his favorite breakfast: Waffles and a smoothie! 

He opened his birthday present, a new wear while riding his NEW BIKE! He was so excited to hop on and ride around the kitchen.

Grant had been talking about the "Panda movie" for weeks. After showing him the first 2 movies on Netflix, he was hooked and he wouldn't stop talking about them. One day I mentioned to him that a new panda movie was coming out and asked if he wanted to go watch it in theatres on his birthday. That was a mistake because everyday (for weeks) he would wake up and ask to see the movie and I would have to explain that he would have to wait.

FINALLY it was time for him to see the long awaited "Panda movie" The showing was during his nap time but he stayed awake the whole time. I loved looking over at him with his little popcorn tray and a big smile on his face. He loved the movie and would react to everything that happened, out loud. We invited his friend Reggie to come along with the boys and it was so much fun!

After the movie we headed home for cake and ice cream with some of the Forsyths. I wanted to get him an ice cream cake. He wanted Strawberry Shortcake... and the birthday boy gets what he wants!

Afterwards Garth took Grant to his first Hurricanes game. Garth would take him to watch them practice during Asher's swimming lessons each week because the arena was right beside the pool. Grant LOVES hockey and so when we found out there was a home game on his birthday we knew that it was the perfect birthday activity. You can tell from the picture he throughly enjoyed himself!

They came home late that night and we cuddled on the couch while he told me about the game and how much fun he had watching hockey, the panda movie and eating his cake. It reminded him to ask for more cake and because it was all gone we gave him like 4 brownies and then put him to bed. (Hey, it's his birthday, he gets what he wants!)


{A Letter to Grant}

Grant, you came into the world a big baby and I soon learned you had an even bigger personality! You are one determined little boy. I love your slap shot and how you always randomly break into song. I love how you announce "I love to cuddle!" about 8 times a day. You challenge me daily and love me fiercely. I couldn't imagine my life without you in it. Thanks for making me a mom. Happy Birthday, I love you!

Love Mom

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