Friday, 2 May 2014

Our Trip to Utah

When I got word that Vivint was putting on a women's event in Provo, and they were looking for a musician to perform, I sent in one of my songs, mostly just to get my name out there. When they invited me to perform at the event I was so excited! 
Not only was I able to fly to Utah to do the one thing I love most, I was able to bring Garth and make a trip out of it. Flights, car and hotel were all covered, so we got to have a nice, unexpected getaway!

On Wednesday morning, March 26th, we left Grant with my parents and headed to the Calgary Airport. It was my first time being on a charter flight and it was a lot more laid back then the usual check-in process. They also let me bring my guitar on the plane!! That was one of the things I was stressing about so I was so happy it didn't have to leave my sight.

Once we got to Salt Lake City, we got our bags, our car and GPS system and headed out to explore. Unfortunately we turned the GPS on in the parkade which pretty much broke it and it had no idea where we were the whole time so we ended up going for a little ride. It managed to fix itself after a little while.

After we got our bearings straight, we headed for the mall for some shopping, we also headed to Nordstrom Rack because I had a gift card I really wanted to use and I found nothing at Nordstrom. We hit the jackpot there and I ended up buying a really pretty Free People dress that I am in love with! Garth also got a gorgeous tie. It's funny how all my favorite ties of his are from there.

After shopping we headed to Provo and checked into our hotel.

For dinner we went to this really yummy sushi place called The Happy Sumo. It was amazing and our favorite roll of the night was the "Vegas Roll".

After dinner we wanted to go see the Provo Temple.

We then went back to our hotel room and I fell asleep at 9:30. Anyone who knows me, knows that I haven't gone to bed that early since elementary school. Actually!

The next morning after getting ready, we grabbed some Jamba Juice and headed to soundcheck.

The event was so organized and soundcheck went so smoothly which made me so happy! The sound guy also commented on how nice of an acoustic amp I have, which I already knew, but Garth was super happy to hear that he spoiled me (like always!)

The event was really well attended and very nice with a catered lunch, presentations, games and giveaways. I actually won some luggage among other things playing "I've Never". Apparently I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to other Vivint wives haha because the questions were like "I've never spent $200 on a pair of shoes..." or "I've never had a spray tan" or "I've never gotten eyelash extensions" etc. I was one of the last people standing. The question that got me out was "I've never dyed my hair." 
My performance took place during the second half of the event. I sang one of my original songs called "Sparks" and then followed with a cover of "Team" by Lorde. I was really happy with how it went, how everything sounded and when it was over I was not ready to get off that stage, I was having too much fun! 

After the event, they gave everyone a grab bag and they also gave me a cute little gift bag for performing which I thought was so incredibly nice of them!!! I felt so grateful for the amount of positive feedback I received from so many people after my performance and I was so grateful for the opportunity they gave me to be there and sing.

They also had a guy outside taking pictures so Kensey and I jumped in and snagged a picture together.

Prizes! Unfortunately I lost that grey and blue hoodie which was the comfiest hoodie I have ever worn, boo :(

Bath & Body Works, Cupcake and Nordstrom Shopping Spree, like I said TOO NICE!!!

After the event was over we headed over the Vivint building and scored some tickets to see Magic Johnson! It was actually a lot of fun hearing his stories and he was a pretty good motivational speaker! It was pretty intense at the doors because everyone was trying to sneak in to see him.

He stood so close to me a lot of the time that I could have touched him if I wanted to, but I didn't.

Afterwards we did a little window shopping and then a bunch of people went for dinner at Tucanos Brazillian Grill, so good!

The rest of our night was spent swimming, shopping at the grocery store for American goodies, Taco bell and chocolate cake.

Only in Utah...

We spent most of Friday in Temple Square. Not only do you have the most gorgeous temple to see, there is so many cool buildings, paintings and so much church history to learn about, we barely scratched the surface.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day so all those brides and grooms taking pictures at the temple were super lucky to pick that day in March. My favorite part besides taking in the gorgeous temple view and the beginning of spring was the tour of Brigham Young's house. It was seriously so cool and they had the most beautiful music room.

It really was the perfect end to a perfect week.

And of course we had to go to In-N-out for some burgers.

Around 4:00 we had to head back to the airport and take a shuttle out to a smaller airport where our plane was. We went through security in a tiny little room and hopped straight on the plane. I could get used to flying like this! haha

I am so grateful for the fun weekend that we had, it was such a random getaway in the middle of a busy hectic semester.

I am grateful for the opportunity I had to perform, I don't think I could be happier doing anything else.


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