Wednesday, 30 April 2014

One Fantastic Year.

Yep, our boy is one.

That is so hard to comprehend, we have a toddler.

I know I usually give a monthly update, but the reason I waited so long to write this, other than the fact that I have been extremely busy, is nothing really changed during his 12th month at all. No growth spurts, no milestones, no teeth, nothing.


- He has been giving us this look over the past couple months and I finally caught it on camera. It consists of him tiilting his head forward but still keeps his gaze on you. And if you are really lucky and he does it when he is eating, he will grip his highchair  with both hands, arch his back slightly and then give the "look." It cracks us up!

-He has started biting me and everything else. He must have teeth or something because it has been constant biting and it scares me sometimes when I am around him. 

Scares me enough to retreat to higher ground...

But he is good at waiting me out.

- He has been doing great at waving "bye-bye" when you wave at him.

- He is a full on stomach sleeper

Here are a couple more random pictures from the month:

To celebrate Grant's first birthday we had a nautical party for him which you can read about HERE.

He also had some other visitors come and wish him a happy birthday who couldn't make it to the party.  Eric and Katie came by on Sunday and Neil, Michelle and the kids stopped by Monday evening and we had Family Home Evening with them. We even had the boat still set up from the party so we got some pictures of Grant with Porter and Rigby. Rigby was using the buoy as a steering wheel, which was hilarious.

The night before his birthday he was being so cute so I had to take some pictures. And then he fell asleep in daddy's arms.

On his actual birthday, we had a pretty low key day. We woke up, played in bed and then had pancakes and Grant got to try syrup for the first time! 

Then he had a bubble bath!

We gave him his presents from us, dad left for school and Grant played all day while I packed. 

His bday presents from us! (minus the book of colors from Neil, Michelle and kids)

When Garth got home for school we headed to Calgary, as we were leaving on a flight to Utah the next morning!

We feel so overwhelmed when we think about how blessed we are to have Grant in our family. He is the cutest, funniest, most perfect little boy with the biggest personality. Everyone who knows him has commented on how much personality he has had from Day 1, how aware he was as a newborn and how he commands every room he is in.  I agree with them. I will never forget his first night in the world, how he kept his wide-eyes glued to me all night. That look he gave me when I first met him changed me forever.

I love my Grant, I love documenting everything, watching him grow and I love watching him explore this world. Hopefully I can take a lesson from him and explore it the same way he does, with a big grin on my face.


PS- Garth and I put together a video of Grant's 1st year, enjoy!

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