Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Easter Activities!

April 14th was Garth's Grandma's Birthday so lots of the family headed over to wish her a Happy Birthday and eat some cake!

On Friday the 18th, Garth wrote an exam in the morning and then when he came home we quickly decorated some Easter eggs. We dropped the ball on getting any kits but we found that food colouring and markers did the trick.

Our traditional egg design that we do every year... My cousin made it the Easter we were engaged and we thought it was so cute that we just keep making it.

Grant even helped make some...

That afternoon we headed to Barnwell for an Easter Egg hunt, Mexican dinner and egg rolling.

They set up a mini easter egg hunt for the younger ones in the front yard. Grant would grab an egg and I would put it in his basket and then we would go find another one etc. He always crawled past all the eggs just to find the orange ones. When he was done nearly all his eggs in his basket were orange. He definitely has a favorite color ;)

After dinner, the clouds started to roll in so everybody thought they better go roll some eggs before the rain hit. Grant was still sleeping so we stayed behind.

Sometimes we steal Georgia and pretend she is ours...

It is super fun for Grant having lots of Forsyth cousins his age to play with.

Ella, Grant & Charlie
This was the best picture we could get of all the cousins.

Again, not a great picture, but it really was the best one haha. These 4 were all born within a year of each other. It will be a lot of fun for them in a couple years.

Charlie: 16 months; Ella: 13 months; Grant: 12 months; Georgia: 5 months

Grant was pretty sick for the rest of the weekend, Garth even had to take him home after sacrament, but once I got home and the Tylenol kicked in we were able to take so cute pictures and help him find his easter basket.

This picture KILLS me!

I thought Grant was pretty excited about Christmas, but he was even more excited this Easter. I have a feeling holidays are only going to get better as he grows up and realizes more of what is going on.

His favorite part about his easter baskets were definitely the fruit snacks...

and the peanut butter cups!

Despite Grant's never ending fever, we had a great Easter weekend as a family!

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