Saturday, 5 April 2014

Our Little Starfish.

The past two months of baby swim class have been such a blast. To be honest, I am sad they are over! It was a great family activity and a good way to escape the cold winter. I love how much Grant loves the swimming pool and how comfortable he is in the water. I wrote a more detailed post about his swim class earlier on, which you can find HERE

I plan on going swimming lots this summer so we can practice his new "skills" haha 

On the very last day of class our swim instructor asked us if we wanted to take our babies down the slide. I was totally excited to do it and see how he would handle it. Grant and I were the first ones to go down and lets just say that that slide is quicker and steeper than it looks. We both went under the water, but when we resurfaced Grant wasn't even fazed. I was relieved because that was definitely the longest he had ever been under the water, and I am happy because he must have learned how to hold his breath really well in this class. 

As we watched the other parents take their babies down the slide, I couldn't stop laughing the whole time, it was seriously so hilarious and kind of a gong-show. It was the dads that seemed to lose their balance the most going down, one dad almost let go of his baby. I think our swim instructor will be a lot more hesitant suggesting the slide to her next baby swim class. I secretly wanted to go down again though haha.

Our little "starfish" has graduated and next fall he will be a "duck" :)


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