Sunday, 9 March 2014

February, you were marvellous.


I have never been more done with winter. This year has definitely started out cold and has been going strong ever since! It is so hard to get out of the house when it is -20, -30 outside (-46 with windchill!!) and there are only so many times you can walk the Park Place Mall. Grant and I are so looking forward to a little glimpse of Spring!

Here are a couple pictures from our February:

Grant supporting the Winston Churchill Bulldogs at a basketball tournament.

Baby swim class continues. Grant in a life jacket is just s squishier version of Grant, so naturally it is an adorable sight.

Lucky for us, we got to spend time with family this month! Nathan and Deb and some of their kids came for a visit from Edmonton and Grant got to spend time with his cousins in Barnwell over reading week.

I know I brag about my family a lot but this just takes the cake. My talented sister-in-law Chrystal taught me how to make a quilt for Grant. We spent all morning, afternoon and night quilting and when 9 o clock rolled around we still weren't finished so Chrystal spent that night finishing it up and had it in Lethbridge for me the next day! I obviously knew quilting was a talent but I now more fully appreciate the detail and patience that goes into projects like this.

It was so fun to just get to sit and talk all day! And then to top of an amazing day, Eric made the most amazing crepes for dinner :) It was both mine and Grant's first time eating crepes (ive always been a waffle addict) and I have been MISSING OUT I'll tell ya.

Here is the front side of the quilt. The backside is the same only mini chevron. I am so happy with how it turned out and how it looks in his room. (See here)

Here is another craft that I completed this month for our room. The song lyrics in the heart say "All you need is right here in this room." Those lyrics are from two different Peter Katz songs, "Carried Away" and "Son".  Those words have always stood out to me and I have always wanted to have those lyrics in my house somewhere. I am glad that I finally found a way to display them. 

Our favorite part about this month was watching the Olympics! I have always loved watching the olympics but this year I was obsessed with watching them. The winter olympics are especially exciting for Canadians because we tend to excel in the winter events (obviously).

Our Favorite Olympic Moments:

- We would stay up so late (one time until 4 in the morning so we could watch the events LIVE. 
-When we watched the Canadian women's hockey team comeback with an overtime win for the gold! 
- Charles Hamelin was our favorite Olympic athlete. We re-watched him winning gold in the Vancouver 2010 games and the infamous kiss with his girlfriend. Watching him dominate got us so psyched to watch his events this year. 
-When we watched the Canadian win silver in Women's Snowboard Cross live.
-Women's moguls (Canadian sisters getting gold and silver).
-Women's  two-man bobsled- Canadians winning Gold.
-Waking up early to watch the men win gold in the hockey final.
-Watching figure skating and ice dancing, the Canadians won silver.
-Charles Hamelin winning gold in the 1000m short track.

 Our Least Favorite Olympic Moments:

- Charles Hamelin crashing out of the rest of his events and not medaling. We were so sad for him because he was obviously so much faster and better than anyone else and was clearly going to win it all and then on the final lap he lost it and crashed into the side. We were speechless. Not to mention his girlfriend just crashed 30 mins before him in the women's short track.

-The most stressful but fun event to watch was the snowboard cross. It is crazy how fast they go and how many people lost their balance and crashed. It was sad because so many times guys got taken out by other people as they fell. What a sad way to lose. Unfortunately, none of the Canadians medalled in this event due to unfortunate circumstances like that.

We love the Olympics in this house and it is on our "Bucket List" to go watch them in person someday!

Over the weekend of reading break, we headed down to Calgary. Garth spent the weekend selling pre-season and I headed to the studio to plan album details. I am learning all the many things that go into an album release and it has been such an amazing learning experience for me. We planned a lot of exciting things for the future and i can't wait for it all to unfold. I have learned that as a starting out musician in this industry you have to things the right way, with the right momentum. Even though I get anxious sometimes, I know that if I am patient, everything will be worth the wait. 

I am so grateful to have such amazing talented people behind me, helping me out and believing in my music every step of the way. They have helped shape into the musician that I am today and I know I will only continue to grow and progress more and more. I am just feeling so blessed to be doing what I love.

Like always we just had to see these clowns while we were up there. Again I feel so blessed to have my cousins in my life. I love them to death. This night included (but was not limited to) cereal binging, grueling card games, beating up Jocelyn and popcorn battles. Never a dull moment. But what else is new?

My sister, the leap year baby, turned 18 (well technically, 4 1/2...) this month! She is one of the funniest, most giving and loving people I know! I can't wait to watch her take on the adult world.

And probably the most exciting news of the whole month.... Garth and I now own a PIANO! Thanks to some of the most generous hearts you will ever meet, we now own a beautiful, gorgeous real piano. Not a keyboard not a dinky little electric piano... a REAL PIANO! Lets just say I flipped out and many many happy tears were shed! 


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  1. YEAH for a Piano!!! I was so excited when we finally got one. Not that I play, but I LOVE it when my hubby plays. Best thing ever.