Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Grant's Nursery

Here is a look into Grant's Nursery! We had such a great time decorating his room when we first moved in and have been enjoying it very much over the past couple months, but it has never really felt finished. A couple weeks ago my SIL helped me make a quilt for the nursery and it really was one of the finishing touches I was looking for!

While I was pregnant with Grant I thought a lot about the nursery plans and as soon as I thought of the "paper airplane" theme I was hooked. I got the idea while looking at the artwork of one of my favorite albums. They had a booklet insert with lots of different pretty paintings (like the one below) and I thought, man that would make such cute artwork in a nursery!

My sister is a really talented artist, so we asked her to paint this picture onto a canvas (minus the grid and writing). We are really looking forward to having it hung over his bed to complete the room!

Inspiration: Sky Sailing: An Airplane carried me to Bed


I love reading other blogs when they list where they got everything. I plan to do that as well with the newer items purchased specifically for this room. 

Color Scheme: Navy & Orange

Before we moved in, these walls were a bright baby blue! I am very glad our landlords painted them a more neutral color that we could work with haha.

Nursery Theme: Paper Airplanes

Crib, Mattress, Sheets: Target

Quilt: Made by me

Rocking Horse: Gift

Vinyl Airplanes: Etsy

Pillow: Superstore

Elephant and Giraffe: Chapters

Orange Lamp and Navy Curtains: Walmart

Baskets: Superstore

The Wardrobe is where I store all his books and small toys. I used to store his blankets in there, but after accumulating more toys and books they had to be moved elsewhere.

The other side of the wardrobe is where I keep all his shoes, accessories, hats, mittens, swim stuff, miscellaneous items, shorts and pants. These shoe organizers from Ikea are the best way to store miniature clothing.

All of my favorite pants/shorts/swim etc. are from Baby Gap

My fav shoes are his little Sperry's which were a gift, and his little plaid loafers from Joe.

I had this bench in my old room at home and I knew I had to have it for Grant's room! We store his extra blankets, quilts and stuffed animals inside it.

Pillow: Superstore

Stuffed Animals and Blankets: Gifts

G: Michaels

I made the top printable which says "Follow Your Dreams Little One" with a 3D paper airplane on it. 

The other printable is a quote from one of my favorite books that my best friend gave to Grant. It is titled, On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman. I have read it to him almost every night since he was born so it has a special place in my heart. Plus he was born at night so it feels very literal and real as I read this and ponder back on that extraordinary night. Since reading this one I went out and bought another one of her books because she is a fantastic writer. Anyone who has children, or is planning on having children needs to go get these books!  Garth made this printable for his room and this is unfortunately the best picture I have of it at the moment:

Heaven blew every trumpet, and played every horn
on the wonderful, marvelous night you were born.

Change Pad: Babies R Us

Change Pad Cover: Etsy

This paper airplane mobile was one of the first things I thought of for his room but when I searched for one on Etsy, they were selling for $36! So I bought all the supplies and Garth and I made our own. It looks exactly the same only with the exact colors we wanted and it cost us $5 to make!

Grant still loves it and smiles up at it every time we change it. He loves watching the airplanes fly around.

Let's play a game: What's inside the dresser??

Top Drawer are the baby essentials: Pampers, Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion etc.



Shirts and Collared Onesies:

The closet is for his sweaters, jackets, vests, cardigans and dress shirts.

* So far my favorite clothing brands for baby clothes are in order: BabyGap, Carters, OshKosh, Joe. I am excited to find different brands to shop for as he continues to grow.

So that's all! I love this room, it is like our little oasis and we already have so many amazing memories in there. I love reading Grant books in his big comfy chair, with just the glow of the orange lamp on his sleepy face. I love walking into this room and seeing Grant's big grin on his face as he bounces up and down in his crib. I love the sound of baby talk I can hear from the other room as he plays with all his toys. I love lifting up the blinds in the morning and watching his face as he greets the world loudly by banging on the window.

It's the cutest little room for the cutest little boy!


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  1. So cute. I never did do anything fun in the baby's room. I always intended on doing something...but five kids later, and I never got around to it. Possibly the most boring mom around when it comes to decorating.