Monday, 3 March 2014

11 months.

Grant is 11 months old! 

One one more month and I will have a cute little toddler. Insanity.

His measurements:
- 31.5 inches long (above 95th percentile)
- 25 ish lbs (between 75 and 90th percentile)
- 15 cm or 19.7 inch head circumference (above 95th percentile)

He is wearing:
- 12-18 month sleepers
- 12 month onesies (although, many different sizes still fit)
-6-12 and 12-18 month pants
- 6-12 and 12-18 month shirts
- size 3-4 shoes

- He has a new smile that he does all the time. He squints his eyes, scrunches his whole face and shows his teeth. It came out of nowhere one day and it is the funniest face! He still smiles for the camera, especially when you have the flash on.

Sleeps: 7:30ish- 8ish
Sometimes he will wake up earlier for a bottle but then he is usually tired enough to go back to sleep. One of the fun parts of the last month was that he learned that when mom or dad put you down for a nap, you don't necessarily have to stay lying down. More often then not I have to re-adjust him after he falls asleep.

He also falls asleep anywhere: In your arms, in his highchair, carseat etc.

Naps: 1-2
Grant mostly has two naps a day, but sometimes he only wants one. He is getting better, but for the past month we have had some serious naptime battles. Sometimes it will take an hour before he falls asleep and I will have to go in 3-4 times and lie him back down. Garth blames it on Floppy the bunny because every time we go in, he is standing in his crib, holding floppy by one ear, jumping up and down (just like a bunny)! His naps are usually between 1 and 1 1/2 hours, but one day, he slept for 3 hours straight which was really out of character for him. 

Here is is at 2 pm in the afternoon fast asleep in his highchair after refusing to nap all morning:

-Grant is almost 100% on homo milk, He has about 4 bottles a day which usually totals 24 oz.
-He eats almost everything we eat. 
- New foods he has tried this month : potato wedges, hash browns, french toast, crepes, grilled cheese sandwiches, raspberries among among many others.
-His favorite foods this month: green beans, french toast and scrambled eggs

Enjoying Costco samples with Mom

First time eating crepes at Uncle Eric and Aunt Chrystal's house

Our Little Snuggler
Grant hasn't been much of a snuggler the past couple months but lately, if you are lucky, Grant will stop moving and snuggle you. It is the cutest, and I hope it never ends!

Our Little Swimmer
As I mentioned in my previous post, at 10 months old Grant started taking swimming lessons. It has been the highlight of our week, he is so fun to swim with and when I am not swimming, it is so fun to watch him splash around with his dad. He is truly a water baby!

Bath time could be considered easier or harder depending on how you look at it! It is a lot easier because he is so comfortable in the water, he can lie down, sit or move around all by himself so you actually have free hands to clean him. It is a lot harder because he is so comfortable in the water and so he thinks he in invincible. He will jump around, try to stand up and has a hard time sitting still long enough to even be cleaned. I am usually soaked by the end of it!

Our Busy Boy
It is hard to keep Grant entertained. He loves people way more than he loves toys and he loves being the centre of attention. When there are people in the room, he doesn't know how to leave them alone, especially his dad haha.


At the moment, Grant's favorite toys include his mexican maraca, his discovery table, my laptop cord, the Lost Season Box Sets on our tv stand and his alphabet blocks. 

His favorite games are knocking down block towers, playing peekaboo, pat-a-cake and anytime I chase after him.

His favorite activities are drumming on absolutely anything (especially the dishwasher), swimming, chewing on everything, watching things cook in the microwave, and looking out the window at all the snow. It is the cutest thing to watch his sleepy face light up into a smile as we open the blinds after a long nap.

His favorite stuffed animal is floppy the bunny. They are inseparable.

His favorite shows (judging by how long he actually sat to watch them) are The Lorax and High School Musical.

Garth's Little Twin
I am obsessed with this cute little picture of Garth as a baby and I have been patiently waiting for this cardigan to fit Grant so he could wear it! It is still a little big but it works. Look at my cute boys!

Stylish Little Man
Whoever said dressing little boys isn't fun, simply isn't doing it right! I love shopping, and now that I have one more little person to shop for, it makes it all the more fun. My favorite looks on him right now are his cute little skinny jeans with either a graphic tee or a plaid shirt. Or his oxford button up shirt with his patterned pants. I am obsessed with his red pants, his blue levis, his sperrys, his plaid shoes, his pink marled sweats and his navy striped pants. Baby clothes are awesome!

With an 11 month old in the house, there is more noise, more mess and a lot more personality!


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